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Hot or Not February

Hot Not so hot
Red Shirts by John Scalzi – this was my favourite book this month. I loved the layers of knowledge the characters had of what was going on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – Quite possibly the worst thing I have ever read. I almost wanted o never read again after this. Except I love books, and this is a terrible way to end a promising reading career.
New Leather Jacket – H! by Henry Holland is my favourite range of clothes at the moment. He has so many quirky t-shirt designs and I want them all. Looking forward to slightly less precipitation so I can wear this! Torrential Rain – seriously fed up with the bad weather. It just makes me want to eat cookies and stay inside. Forget about going to work!
IGGPPC Valentine Card Swap – I got some really cute and nerdy cards in this swap. The extra items in the postbox made me happy Lasagne – Just one of those foods I guess. I used to like it, but now I just can’t stand it any more!
Camp Takota – a feel good movie made by some of my favourite internet stars
I, Frankenstein – very pretty, but the story didn’t work for me at all.
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Photo 365: Days 50-56

A mostly good week this week, glad of some inside shots to keep me out of the gale force winds. Can’t help but fill up the days with cute cat pictures!!

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Camp Takota

Camp Takota

I watched Camp Takota this week. This is the first film written by Mamrie Hart featuring fellow YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. I’ve been following Grace Helbig for over a year, so I’ve followed along with this project from the beginning, as she showed quite a lot of background and behind the scenes footage during filming.

I’ll give you a quick synopsis if you don’t have a clue what is going on:

With her personal and professional life in shambles, Elise ends up having to take a job as a counselor at her old summer camp. There, she reunites with two estranged friends who attended camp and never left. When the future of the camp is put in jeopardy, the three friends must band together to save it, changing the course of their lives forever.

It was so good to finally see this film, it was a feel good, comedy and I enjoyed every moment of it [even one of the cats joined in the watching]. I think it’s a pretty big step for these guys to be involved in a project like this. And having their fans help them to follow their dreams and be successful is pretty cool too.

The film itself gave me all the feels, it was sweet. The main character Elise was very likeable, I related to her situation, especially when she doesn’t know what she should be doing with her life. I mean, it’s pretty hard to put your life back together in a flash, so it’s good that she took the time out to hide from the world and sort out her head.

Watching films about summer camp always make me wonder if I missed out on that experience. We don’t really have them in the UK. All the organised activities don’t really appeal, but I like the way the friendships are portrayed. Life long bonds are made with the people you spend the summer with, which does seem kind of cool. I’m so mushy.

Overall I really liked seeing Grace, Mamrie and Hannah doing a different thing. Hannah’s character was punny, so it fitted in really well with what you normally see her doing on her channel. Mamrie’s character had the odd crude and over the top moment, and Grace’s character still felt awkward… so there were enough similar traits on the screen to tie them to what you already see, but enough difference so it didn’t feel like a long episode on one of their channels.

Favourite Quotes

“I think my ovaries just winced”

“The technology… it just turned on me”

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Cat Ears on a Hat

Just a quick little update on my crafty projects, I had some serious speedy crochet going on over the last two nights, and I managed to make the cat ear beanie that I mentioned in my last project post.

cat hat

Me in my new hat

So there we have it. The pattern was super easy to follow for the basic beanie. In just over an hour I managed to make the basic hat. I didn’t want the hat to be too tight, so I did the extra increase, but I really didn’t need it. The hat is comfortable and quite loose, but I could cope with it being a little more snug.

I had to learn how to do front post and back post double crochet to make the ribbing at the bottom, but YouTube is your friend. I found a really good video that showed the stitches in slow motion. It was super helpful.

I found the ears a lot harder, small pieces always make my fingers and brain hurt. I adapted it slightly so the increases happened faster, and there were several rounds of the same size… but I think they came out really well.

Positioning the ears was a bit of a nightmare, this took several attempts to get them in just the right place, but very easy to achieve once I was happy with where they’d been pinned.

Now I want to make a whole batch of these in lots of different colours, so I can be any kind of cat that I want to be. I wonder how I’ll find ginger kitty wool… but that is something for another day.

– Girl in the Nerd Shop

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I, Frankenstein – mini review

We went to the cinema twice this week! Hence the double movie feature.

I had heard very little about this film before we went to see it, but you know what it’s like, convenient time, relatively safe genre, based on a graphic novel. We thought we’d try it.

As a whole I was not very convinced. You lost me at gargoyles vs. demons. Demons that wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of an episode of Buffy might I add. They had some pretty grim close-ups of a couple of demons, but for the most part they just looked like people in rubber masks and the Demon Prince – not at all scary.

I had a lot of trouble watching as a great deal of the dialogue felt forced and the actors looking like they were gritting their teeth. Comic book projects like this can end up going in that direction though, it’s so hard to stay true to the base material to keep long standing fans happy, whilst making it accessible enough to new viewers so that they still enjoy watching it too.

However, it was very pretty. The scene setting at the very beginning of the film was very well done, some very striking landscapes and dramatic voice over stuff. I think my favourite bit had to be the gargoyles when transforming into human shape, the wings swooshing over their heads to become robes was beautiful.

On the screen it all looked excellent, some moments were probably lifted directly from the original artwork, the composition looked like it was straight from a panel. I don’t know if that makes sense.

It was quite easy to watch, but the pacing was a little off. The big battle scene in the middle was glorious and WAY better than the climax battle at the end.

I’m feeling generous, so I’m upping an originally planned 1 star to 2 stars. Aren’t I lovely.

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I Watched: Robocop [2014]

Hello folks,

Just letting you know that I went to the cinema several times recently, and the time I went to see Robocop and it had absolutely no lingering effect on me. That is over 2 hours of time that I sat in a darkened cinema screen and it left barely an impression on my brain.

I’m just not a fan, it was Alex’s turn to pick and I can’t say I hated this movie. I didn’t… I just didn’t love it either.

This movie was rated a 12A – so altogether it was pretty tame so the kiddies wouldn’t get scared.

Part robot, part cop they say. I say… whatever and where is the mega city? [yes… I know, wrong movie.]

– Girl in the Nerd Shop

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Photo 365: Days 43-49

End of the week was seriously hampered by the terrible weather, so I didn’t go outside for long enough to take any decent pictures. Hopefully this changes soon and I manage to get some more outside shots next week.

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I (didn’t) read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This week I attempted to read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams…

The book in question

The book in question

Woah, can I just say, this is the first book that I have been unable to finish in a long time. I’ve had books that I struggle with, but want to go back to later when I’m more in the mood for that genre, or determined to find out what happened.

So this strange phenomenon of getting over half way through and not really being bothered about what happens next… it’s a new one on me. I only forced myself to get so far as it was the only book I had with me at work last week.

My main issue was that I felt like all of the different story lines I was being forced to read through were all completely unrelated. And yes, I get that this is the point of the book. That Dirk Gently is going to miraculously come along and link everything together and save the day… but I found myself not caring. Also the fact that you have to get to half way through the book until Dirk is actually introduced as a character, he does have a little bit of foreshadowing in one of the early chapters, but this information isn’t explicitly given to you. How can you wait that long to bring him in? Even two thirds of the way through he has only had two moments in the spotlight, and he hadn’t even taken on the case [if there is one, which now I will never know]. There also seemed to be quite a lot of technical babble, both from MacDuff about his job, and several of the other characters. Verbose, that’s a very good word to use here. I felt that too many words were being used for my liking, and I like words. I love words, and the combination used to tell this story didn’t work for me at all.

It’s a frustrating feeling, knowing that I will never find out how the sofa came to be impossibly stuck half way up that staircase, but it must be significant if it came up so many times. It may even be the whole point of the story.

All I can say is I gave it a good whirl. I liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, so I wanted to give Douglas Adams’ other book series a try.

Taking this book out of my currently-reading shelf on GoodReads marked it as read for some reason, so I’m upping my challenge to 31 books to compensate for this.

So that’s what I just read… or tried to.

–          girl in the nerd shop

Works in Progress

I am very good at planning things. I think for the most part it’s because I like to plan for every eventuality. I’m a notorious list writer, going on holiday anywhere near me makes me pack and repack half a dozen times.

In the last few years I have planned and started so many projects, some I even started… but there are very few that I have actually finished.

For example, the blanket I planned 3 years ago, to use up some of the balance in my paypal account [best reason to start a craft project I know!]. It’s taken me 3 years of on and off work to get to the stage I am at.

Granny Squares for days

Granny Squares for days

Over the last 3 years I had to redo some of the squares as I got better and my stitches got tighter. 140 squares. I had a real kick in July when I had a sudden burst of enthusiasm for crafty projects and churned out the squares by the bucket load.

This is the eventual plan...

This is the eventual plan…

Now I’ve frozen again. I have to block each square individually to fix the tiny inconsistencies in size, then starts the final step of fixing them all together. This feels like a monumental task to complete – and it has taken such a long time to get here.

I’m hoping to get it finished whilst its still cold enough to need blankets, but it’s not the end of the world if it takes me a little longer than that to finish.

I have other crochet projects too.

I bought some wool just this morning to make this cat hat

Soft black wool

Soft black wool

This one I need to make a start on as soon as possible. Otherwise I won’t be able to wear it until the end of the year. It’s cold now, and I need a cute hat to make myself feel warm and toasty [and even more adorkable than ever]. I might even make two, another one in ginger to match my cats.

I got a really cute arigurumi crochet kit from Summer as my Secret Santa

photo 4

I’ve never made stuffed animals before, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to try for a while now. The kit makes a fish and a beaver – such an odd combination, but cute. There are some really sweet looking critters in this book that I want to make too, so hopefully I get off my butt and do them.

It wasn’t the only crochet toy book that I got this year. Another friend got me a book

photo 5

These have some of the most adorable little toys in, from birthday presents to Rudolf. With lots of ideas for all kinds of different celebrations. These little projects might help me get through the backlog of wool I have going on!

I have none craft projects too. This month I am organising a sticker swap with the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. I’m really enjoying this one, a handful of people have signed up already, and it’s only been live for a day or so.

Yay, stickers!

Yay, stickers!

I can’t wait to send my goodies out and see what I get back. I found it so hard to find cute stickers lately, and I’ve had some really cool ones in letters and stuff from my friends and pen pals. Organising this swap has made a million other ideas go through my brain. [Anyone for a cat lady swap or a hobby swap?]

I think I need to slow down a bit, finish one thing at a time. I’ll try to do some updates as I go with projects – especially the cat ear hat. It just looks so cute!

Who am I kidding? I’m off to look for paper craft ideas, and fingerless glove patterns, and snood or scarf patterns. The winter makes me want to bundle up with warm things, and the weather has been particularly bleak this February.

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I watched Breakout Kings

This show started out so well for me, I loved that there was going to be a minor tie in with Prison Break [I totally guiltily love that show]. When it came up in conversation, all I knew was that T-bag was going to make an appearance. I wanted so much to like this show. The first season let me do that. Oh season one, all 13 episodes were so easy to watch. Yes, I wasn’t completely sold on running a crime squad with a bunch of convicts, but if you ignore that nonsensical bit, then you get some decent crime solving action.

For me, it did quickly turn into the Lloyd Lowry show. He is my favourite character, always so blunt and to the point, but quite often bringing a little bit of comic relief to the screen.

Season 2 was a whole other kettle of fish. Let’s create some drama to attract viewers and get ratings. Killing a marshall? Not sure how this will work without the guy in charge. Lets make a dirty cop a marshall… and only have 1 guy  head up the team. Let’s give the convicts guns and let them drive around on their own. Let’s have a field trip. One thing season 2 did well was adding in the season arc, so that there was an escapee that was being elusive and taunting them from episode to episode. The first season instead had Ray’s storyline as the over season plot as we all had to wonder what he did to get his badge taken away in the first place.

This one will not be able to replace Prison Break in my heart. [I’m not sure anything will]. The abrupt ending and massive cliffhanger made me a little disillusioned – I can’t guess what the 3 of them will decide to say in the investigation room… I didn’t want it to become a trade off for one guy or their freedom. At least  this way I can’t be more disappointed that they ruined it to go out with a bang

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