I Read: Redshirts

Redshirts by John Scalzi


The name gives away quite a lot of the ideas behind this book, if you’re familiar with Star Trek in any way then you can imagine what happens to the characters in the red shirts. The Dub U ship Intrepid has the highest death rate among low ranking officers. It’s so bad on the ship that the crew will go to any lengths to avoid going on any away missions with 5 of the top ranking officers, as they tend to be the only ones that survive. That’s normal isn’t it?

This book, it just made me smile all the way through, it’s a parody. The lengths they go to, to work out how to save the crew is mind twistingly wonderful. They have to use what they have to their own advantage, namely kidnapping one of the high ranking officers and time travel and nonsense science. You name it, cheesy sci-fi science it happens. The mysterious, dramatic answer box, the narrator, Borgovian Land Worms, exciting things in store.

I like the appendices at the end that tie up some loose ends, answer some questions and still manage to make you laugh.


Well, this book was a journey and a half. A book about characters in a TV show, who work out they’re part of a TV show, then a book and what? My brain hurts just thinking about it. Either way, it was a really fun easy read, which is just what I needed.

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