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Bookmark Swap

Pretty bookmarks

Pretty bookmarks

I took part in a bookmark swap recently, and I couldn’t not share the things that Pam sent to me, I love all three of these things. I love that there’s crochet, duct tape and felt in the mix. The paisley print duct tape bookmark is so clever, the buttons make it super adaptable for different sized books.

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April Favourites

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already folks. Time flies when you are super busy at work and have a million things to do. At least I’m not bored… right?!

To start this off I’m going to tell you that my favourite film was Divergent. [The review of that movie is here.] I really enjoy it now that some time has passed and I can look back at it. At the time in the cinema I was mentally shaking fists at the screen because so many things were different. Bad Claireypops.

My favourite book for April was Cress. I love fairytales and this one really worked for me, it’s one of my favourite book series to appear recently, and I cannot wait for the last book to be published!

Favourite game this month has been Cheaty Mages. This was brought along by a guest on a recent Wednesday, and it was super fun. You play as mages who are betting on gladiatoral fights between mythical creatures and you cast spells to make various creatures better [or worse]. I was by far the cheatiest mage, and I won lots of gold. Very good fun.

Food time! I made a Potato Gratin with spinach and bacon, goodness only knows why I chose it – as there is a lot of love lost between spinach and I – but it was delicious. Good, comforting food for a chilly spring day. And a special mention should go to the Burnt Ends at Hickory’s Smoke House in Rhos-on-Sea. I think I could eat those forever. Wonderful.

I am slowly catching up on the backlog of awesome TV that I have missed and this month saw Firefly being the series we burned through. After all the hype out there about how awesome this is, and the desperate love this show induces in many people I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

That’s all for this month folks,



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WMCQ Announcments

We had some news a couple of months ago that we had to keep secret until now, but Wizards of the Coast have made their official announcement for the World Magic Cup Qualifier dates and locations, so now I can talk about it!

Acme Games will be hosting a WMCQ in August, this is a pretty big deal for us, as it will be a big high profile event. We are hoping to top the numbers from last year to make this even bigger and more successful.

– girlinthenerdshop

Disney Princess Adventures

I have a thing for Disney princesses, I mean – who doesn’t?

Princess Kinder eggs... gimme!

Princess Kinder eggs… gimme!

So when Kinder Egg plaster the princesses onto the packaging and told me I had a bunch to collect, who was I to say no!? I couldn’t do that, not when there was an Ariel at stake.

I immediately took to the task, buying a couple a day… and getting immensely frustrated with the ARMY of Belles that appeared out of a series of eggs.

It took a long time, but I persevered and I now have 6 out of the 7. My aim was to get an Ariel, and I did.

121I’m still missing the purple one from Tangled, but that can’t be helped can it. Even though I did buy a full tray of 12 one time… I think I had a problem.

Look at the full collection!

120There were actually more than this, but there are a few at work sitting on the till, and a couple have made a journey over the sea to Texas to live with Klaudia.

That’s all for today folks… I’ll keep you posted if I find the last one miraculously.


More of The Amazing Spiderman

Just a small aside before I get started, I really wanted to see Divergent this week, but it was down to one showing a day whilst I was still in work, so I guess Imma have to wait fot the DVD for this one, which is a bit pants… but what can you do!

This week saw the return of The Amazing Spiderman. What can I say? It was stunning. We saw it in 2D, as 3D makes my eyes go fuzzy and my brain hurt after an hour or so. It was marvellous, and I could see where the 3D really would have come alive, with Spidey swinging from buildings and web shooting all over the show. And IMAX? Cor blimey you’d be in for a treat I reckon.

Andrew Garfield plays Spiderman so well, you really get the cheeky college boy feel from him, and he’s bouncy and adorable as well. He’s trying to do his best to save people, but the media is out to get him as per usual.

The continuing romance is so bittersweet, I think the chemistry between the two on screen is what made this movie for me, Emma Stone was so beautiful. And the not being able to be together because he feels so guilty over her father’s death, and oh the sadness. The sadness. Wow… Sometimes I’m glad I don’t know much about the comic book universe, because had I known  that was coming I would probably been less willing to go and see the movie.

The main plot felt messy to me, possibly because there were too many badguys introduced into one movie to make it coherent for me. I think they’re trying to set it up for the next film  where they have the 6 baddies fueled by OsCorp technology, but sticking Rhino in at the end didn’t work for me at all. It felt rushed. However, the little boy in his costume made that moment, Spidey stuck up for him, so he wanted to help Spidey out too.

I did enjoy the film as a whole, but I didn’t feel as engrossed in this one as I did with the previous Amazing Spiderman movie. I’m still looking forward to them finishing the trilogy off though.


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Photo 365: Days 99-105


I don’t know how, in 24 years of being alive that I managed to not watch Buffy until now… I mean… some of those years can be excused as they ocurred before the show was current.

I stumbled across Buffy on Netflix a few weeks ago, I thought I’d have a dabble. I don’t remember ever seeing the show myself, but for some reason all of the characters are familiar, and I knew their names even though I never watched it at the time. I must’ve seen a couple of episodes from further ahead than we are now… I keep asking about the sister, and Alex says it isn’t time yet. We’ll get there.

I’m managing to pace myself really well, I don’t want to rush through it and make finishing this show a chore. It’s really quite refreshing that it aged so well, some teen programming from the 90’s does not come across so well now… like Dawson’s Creek [more on that another time].

Buffy is one of the best protaganists, she is capable, but she still manages to keep up with being a teenager, she goes off slaying, and she still has time to mope over her broken heart.

Such a back catalogue  of TV to get through, so much of the 90’s supernatural stuff that I missed… like Charmed. How the hell did that slink by under my radar!

Until next time

– girlinthenerdshop

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Graze Box Pondering

116Today this arrived. I had completely forgotten that we got a free one with some random internet thing. It was a pretty cool surprise after the thunk of it hitting the floor.

There’s some exciting treats inside, including flapjack, jerky, and a couple of mixed snack things. I’ll do a post with pictures and thoughts after I’ve tried all the snacks. [Yes, I managed to not eat them all as soon as I saw it was here!]

– girlinthenerdshop

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Loonacy by Looney Labs



Loonacy is a really neat little game… it’s so quick to pick up how to play and it can be played with anybody.

loonacy 1

The box says 2-5 players, but I recommend playing it with 3 or 4 people, that way you have a selection of piles open to play your cards onto. With 5 players, there is only 1 pile available and I could see this getting a little violent once you’ve gotten into the swing of things.

The interesting thing about this game is that you don’t take turns to play cards, if you can play something, you just do it, and hope that nobody interrupts you whilst you are doing so. Which can lead to frustration if you can’t play and everyone else is emptying their hand at a rate of knots.

loonacy 2

This game has no language content, as you are matching pictures, and the artwork is a glorious mixture of things you might recognise from other Looney Labs games with a few new [to me at least] images thrown in for good measure.

Several people that I played it with commented that it felt very un-British to be fighting to put cards down, and in I way I agree, it felt unusual to be aggressive, especially if you were trying to stop someone else in the middle of a card playing streak.

I played it a dozen times last week, and everyone who wasn’t convinced by ‘picture matching’ was sold after they had played it once. It’s a good starter game, or a filler game for in between big, serious games.

Some of my favourite quotes from last week playing this:

“I’ve got an abundance of toasters”

“What is that fluffy thing”

“What did you put a brain down for? That doesn’t help”

And a bunch of swearing when someone managed to empty their hand when we were all so close!

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Please tell me a story Old Bear, we’ll all gather round, all around dear Old Bear [ah, nostalgia!]

I’ve had such a time of things happening that the internet must hear about! This one is about people… I will never understand them.

I went to the corner shop near work one afternoon to buy Kinder Eggs [post to come soon!], as I have an addiction. There was a song on the radio, it was catchy, I found myself bopping along to it whilst I was in the queue to pay. A girl and her friend saw me do this before they left the shop.

As I walked out behind them they were laughing… and when one of them looked back at me… her face turned to stone and she quickly looked away. I got the feeling they’d been talking about me moments before.

When there is music, I dance. I never realised it until Alex pointed out that I was dancing in the supermarket… I don’t mean full on dance routine, twirling and clapping. I mean swaying when I walk, or moving my head in time to the beat. It’s not that weird. I’m told it’s the sign of a contented soul.

So girls – here’s my message for you. Stop worrying about what people think of you if they don’t know you… that song was a good’un and that stolen 10 minutes from work to buy my Disney Princess Kinder Egg made me happy.

– girlinthenerdshop

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