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Which is easier to find- Gold or Marvel Dice Masters?

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Hello folks,I’m briefly going to talk to you about a Wizkids game called Marvel Dice Masters. It’ll only be brief, because I haven’t managed to play this game other than a couple of quick starter games to get the feel of it.

I’ve been trying to hold off on talking about it, because it is currently really tricky to get in stock. And I don’t mean just my local store, I’m talking global short printing. It happens, and it can’t be helped. However, anything Marvel themed at the moment is super guarenteed to sell a whole truckload. It came out just under a month ago, and the first batch of restocks is due in soon. I’m really hoping its soon…

Dice Masters Starter Pack

Dice Masters Starter Pack

The first starter set is Avengers vs X-men, so if you’re a fan of those things and you like games, this is a really cool thing to keep an eye out for. The starter set comes with enough stuff for two people to play with, and there is plenty of choice, it can be a bit limiting if you want to play slightly larger games, but that is where the boosters come it. Each booster has two character cards and two character dice in [these match, so you will get a Loki card and a Loki dice in the same packet]. Collect more boosters, have more options, make your ideal team. Simple idea. Really cool game, with lots of interactions you can mix and match.

The rulebook however, is one of the worst rulebooks I’ve ever read. It takes a good long while of reading and head scratching to figure out. Head to youtube, watch someone explain it, it is simpler than the rulebook makes out.

I’m looking forward to trying to trade for some of my favourite marvel characters, I want some more Black Widow dice, but she is really easy to get into play, so I can imagine there being quite a lot of competition in the swap pool for her.

Look at the pretty dice, I wants them all!

Look at the pretty dice, I wants them all!

There’s a new starter coming out in September, which is the Uncanny X-men Starter, which I’m really excited about.

The answer to the title question is, at the moment, GOLD! Congratulations. Have 10 mars bar points.


Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

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Today I want to witter on about a deckbuilding game called Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. [From now on, I’ll just use Ascension, but you know what I’m talking about right?]

Players: 2-4

Time: 30 minutes

Age: 13+

I played this game for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. I actually played the “Apprentice Edition” Which is a 2-player starter game… with a paper playmat included so that you know where all of your cards go. This version is also a bargain at only £10. So now you have no excuse to go and try it out.

I found it incredibly easy to learn as a game, having limited experience with CCGs and the like, but once you have the basic mechanics of your turn in your head you’re ready to go. It’s a game that is super easy to learn, but a challenge to master. And for that reason it has so much replayability for me.

The aim of the game is to gain as much ‘honour’ as you can. And you do this by recruiting heroes and defeating the monsters. Cards have all the stuff on them that you need to know, and the different clans work in slightly different ways. Card draw is key, so if you play it, it’s a good tactic to go for.

After my first came on that fateful Wednesday night, I was told by another friend that this game is available on iOS. What!

The instant I got home, I downloaded it straight away and began playing… it was exactly the same play experience! And you can either pass it around a group, or play against up to 3 AIs built into the game. I was kept occupied in this fashion for a good portion of the evening and most of the next one too. I should point out that the basic game was free. FREE! My favourite price. And for a tiny sum you can download the expansions, which I did and it adds more mechanics and more cards to the field. I like to mix it up by toggling different expansions on and off. Wild, I know.

I really want to pick up a copy of this game, so next time we get it back in stock I’ll be taking it home with me!


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Photo 365: Days 127-145

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It’s time for a big photo update! I got fairly behind on getting my pictures uploaded onto my computer, so here is a mega catch up of the last 3 weeks. We had sun, and rain and CATS! Always cats.

Can I unread TFiOS?

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Hmmmm…. I will probably get a lot of hate for this. I didn’t like this book. You don’t have to go on reading this, I’ll wait for you to click away.

Still here? Ok… I think the main reason I felt this book was a let down is because of the hype surrounding it. The Nerdfighter community have rallied around this story and the girl who inspired it, which is cool. However, I obviously didn’t feel the same way when I was reading it. It didn’t inspire me, it didn’t change my life. I didn’t even cry. And I cry alot at sad stories. Heck, I cry when the music swells in an emotional scene in an advert on TV.

The characters are what got me the most, Hazel and Gus are the same person… just one has way more monologues throughout this book. Obviously rehearsed ones too. They also talk a lot for teenagers, it’s like watching Dawson’s Creek, but at least they didn’t overanalyse their overanalysing.

Metaphor is a big theme in this book. Is that even a thing? Gus talks about metaphors all the time, with his ‘not letting the thing that kills you, kill you’… he’s a teenage boy… does he really think about it that much? And talking about the metaphorical implications of this act? Hello Dawson! Hazel’s favourite book is also a big metaphor for the whole book… and a nice preview to the way the book ends.

*spoiler alert* The most sad-making bit was during the discussion whether Hazel’s mom would still be a mom if Hazel wasn’t there… that is a pretty hardcore thing to do, but that was just emotional blackmail pure and simple. If someone made my hypothesize about how I’d feel if my cats weren’t in the picture anymore, or I could no longer eat chocolate then I’d feel the same kind of thing. It’s just mean, and a cruel piece of writing to have to go through. Could’ve dealt with that better Mr Green. Jus’ sayin’.

There’s not really much else I have to say about this, I just didn’t enjoy it. At least it didn’t take that long to read.

[just as a small aside, when I was writing notes about this book on my phone, it autocorrected tfios to tedious…]

– girlinthenerdshop

I FINALLY Finished Game of Thrones

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Right folks, it took me a whole month, but I managed to make it through this epic tome. This had been on my to read pile since I first saw the TV show a year or so back, but I couldn’t pick it up for some reason. Something about the weight and size of the text kept making me pick up smaller things first.

Game of Thrones was the monthly pick for the IGGPPC bookclub, so that was enough of a drive to make me start reading… here are my thoughts.

I found it a tough slog to get through this book, I couldn’t keep reading through some bits, and I did have to take quite a few breaks from reading. There were too many stories, and for a while it felt messy. I couldn’t keep anybody straight in my head, so for a while I’d get to the middle of a new chapter and have to flip back to the start of it to check who I was meant to be with because I got so confused so easily.

Don’t shoot me for not being mega fussed about this book. There were certainly times when I could’ve put it down and never gone back to it. The overuse of certain phrases being the main thing that drove me round the bend. If I have to read the words ‘craven’ or ‘bastard’ again it’ll be too soon.

Most of the characters are completely irredeemable. Obviously there had to be someone I liked, and I was surprised that it was Tyrion that I enjoyed reading the most. I was never bothered by his character on the screen.

There is a lot of stuff for people to worry about in this story, and a lot of the cast do spend most of their chapters worrying and planning about how to get around those worries.

I was definitely relieved when I turned the page and saw the dynasties section, and that a good chunk of the last pages could be skimmed through. I’m sure GRRM will continue to kill off all of the characters so there will be nobody left in later books that I care about so I’ll never need to carry on reading.

On the plus side, I can see what he is doing, is straying away from the stereotypes of fantasy, so there isn’t a princess that needs to be rescued by a hero. Everyone in it has their own feelings and dramas to deal with. And with such a large cast of characters there is bound to be somebody else that I can root for eventually.

I guess I’m just not a massive fan of epic fantasy… maybe one day I will be ready to carry on reading the series, but not quite yet. I’ll be moving on to some palate cleansers in the next week or so and then back to fantasy. We’ll see how it goes.

Photo 365: Days 120-126

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Photo 365: Day 113-119

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Divergent on the Big Screen

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So, Divergent appeared on the big screen in April, and it took me until the end of the month to fit in seeing it, it was dangerously close to being cut from my local cinema, and down to one showing a day by the time I saw it… only 2 weeks after release. This doesn’t bode well for any film… but there are so many teenage-angst-dystopian films coming out at the moment that the odd one will slip under the radar.

When I came out of the screen it was the first time in a long time that I did a break down of what exactly the film did ‘wrong’ in comparison to the book. This isn’t normally a problem for me, as I read Hunger Games before I saw the movie and I didn’t have the same issues.

So… the majority of my initial thoughts were based on the movie as a comparison to the book… which is totally unfair as for me a book will [for the most part] win hands down as reading is my favourite. I have since tried to limit what I’m going to include to be mostly about what I actually saw on the screen. *fingers crossed*

The actors that played Four and Tris didn’t appear to have any chemistry between them at all, this is the biggest let down for me. The on screen moments were awkward and made me cringe a little bit.

The world building was very pretty, and I really liked all of the sets that we saw used for the Dauntless’ home. In my imagination the Pit was a lot more rocky, like it was actually a cave not some enormous concrete structure, but that worked for me. It probably made sense for a dilapidated Chicago.

The pacing in the movie was so much better than in the book, the start is nippy and we get straight into the action very quickly. The peril that Tris feels in her simulations came across really well, it was all very scary looking, in a mild peril sort of way.

I’m pretty sure they pronounced Erudite as err-you-dite the whole way through the film, which really bugged me for some reason. The Erudite as  a whole were a bit naff, they seemed too obvious to be the bad guys… I half expected to see them pouring toxic waste into the water supply and kicking puppies for good measure. That needed to be a bit more clever in my opinion.

I’m not sure that this film will get a sequal, which is a shame, as the second book has some far better ideas in it… and I’m still to read the last installment of this trilogy, but I’m really hoping it answers some of the final questions I have about the setting.

If you want to read my book review you can find it here.

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My First Graze Box

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Graze box

Graze box


My first graze box arrived last week, after I’d forgotten that I’d signed up for it. It was full of all manner of delicious treats

Applewood Beef Jerky -

Applewood Beef Jerky –

Cheddar Gorge -

Cheddar Gorge –

Summer Berry Flapjack -

Summer Berry Flapjack –

Jam Doughnut -

Jam Doughnut –

That was the contents of my first box, I intended to take my own pictures of the tasty morsels, but I got stuck into the eating, and when you’re peckish, taking a picture is the last thing on your mind [all pictures are from the graze website].

I think my favourite of the four was the jerky, the chutney it came with was really fresh and set the beef off perfectly. It’s the only thing I would never have picked to try for myself, but I know Alex likes jerky, so as a worst case scenario it could’ve been donated to him. My original idea was to share each snack with him, but they are perfectly portioned for one person. The flapjack felt a little on the small side, that was the only one that was ‘disappointing’ even though it was still yummy.

I haven’t cancelled the box yet, there are a few more things on my ‘send soon’ list that I want to try before I stop the boxes and go back to making my own snacks.

This box made me feel a little guilty at times, especially because I’ve made snacks like this for myself in the past – but it’s so convenient to have it delivered to your door… and I just got the email saying my next box is being picked now and will be send out soon. How exciting.


Photo 365: Days 106-112

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