Can I unread TFiOS?

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Hmmmm…. I will probably get a lot of hate for this. I didn’t like this book. You don’t have to go on reading this, I’ll wait for you to click away.

Still here? Ok… I think the main reason I felt this book was a let down is because of the hype surrounding it. The Nerdfighter community have rallied around this story and the girl who inspired it, which is cool. However, I obviously didn’t feel the same way when I was reading it. It didn’t inspire me, it didn’t change my life. I didn’t even cry. And I cry alot at sad stories. Heck, I cry when the music swells in an emotional scene in an advert on TV.

The characters are what got me the most, Hazel and Gus are the same person… just one has way more monologues throughout this book. Obviously rehearsed ones too. They also talk a lot for teenagers, it’s like watching Dawson’s Creek, but at least they didn’t overanalyse their overanalysing.

Metaphor is a big theme in this book. Is that even a thing? Gus talks about metaphors all the time, with his ‘not letting the thing that kills you, kill you’… he’s a teenage boy… does he really think about it that much? And talking about the metaphorical implications of this act? Hello Dawson! Hazel’s favourite book is also a big metaphor for the whole book… and a nice preview to the way the book ends.

*spoiler alert* The most sad-making bit was during the discussion whether Hazel’s mom would still be a mom if Hazel wasn’t there… that is a pretty hardcore thing to do, but that was just emotional blackmail pure and simple. If someone made my hypothesize about how I’d feel if my cats weren’t in the picture anymore, or I could no longer eat chocolate then I’d feel the same kind of thing. It’s just mean, and a cruel piece of writing to have to go through. Could’ve dealt with that better Mr Green. Jus’ sayin’.

There’s not really much else I have to say about this, I just didn’t enjoy it. At least it didn’t take that long to read.

[just as a small aside, when I was writing notes about this book on my phone, it autocorrected tfios to tedious…]

– girlinthenerdshop

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