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Roof Adventures

Here we have a selection of pictures charting the progress of the Great Lanceley Towers Re-Roof.

Going into week 3 now, and the back of the roof is completed, and the front is now completely felted ready for the slates to go on over the rest of the week. The slates that came off the roof were in really bad condition, if you so much as looked at them then they crumbled. So… at least all new slate means we’ll be really well protected from the weather in the Winter.

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I Read: Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This book is the September novel pick for the IGGPPC book club, I got in on this book early, and I finished it really quickly. I found it difficult to put down for the most part, I just wanted to keep going and to find out what was going to happen.

I liked the the virtual reality setting in this book. The world is falling apart outside, but there is a place where people can escape that and live a life inside the software. The main character even goes to school inside the OASIS… the VR has been his world for all his life practically, as he was left to play there as a child whilst his mother was at work [at her job inside OASIS I might add.]

The contest is the main plot driver, and the obsession with the 80’s stems from that. It’s quite odd to have a book that is set in the future be so obsessed with the past, but it works for the majority of the story. At times I found this to be quite jarring, as there were tons of references to films I haven’t seen [sometimes heard of] as the 80s is not my decade. The book does still work even if you haven’t played every arcade and video game from that era obsessively, the things that you really need to know are explained enough… other things you could always go and research.

Wade really grows throughout the book, he develops friendships and begins to trust people which is something he has never done before. It’s an important part for him to do so, as the quest cannot be finished solo – and he is the first one to work that out. He does some serious self-sacrificing to help out his buddies, if it had backfired it would’ve turned out way worse!

Overall I loved that this story had so many nerdy references woven into the fabric of the book, even if most of them did go over my head. The whole book had me wanting to find out what was going to happen next the whole way through, I even found myself second guessing what could possibly happen next, or what that coin could possibly be!

Now… where is my virtual reality haven going to appear?


Photo 365: Days 244-261

I’m getting back on top of things, look at me go! After the last mega photo update post, I thought it would be best if we keep on top of it for this month [haha]. Here is the next selection of pictures.

I Read: Alice in Zombieland

It’s been a while since I posted, I know. I’m back now, and my little book is full of notes on things I’ve read and played lately. So I’ll be working my way through the backlog of posts that I have to make.

So, on with the show.

Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland is written by Gena Showalter, who wrote the Lords of the Underworld series [or so Goodreads tells me!] This is her first foray into Young Adult fiction.

I always say that zombies aren’t something I’d normally pick to read about, the last one was book club reading. However… the possiblity of a link to Alice in Wonderland? How could I not check that out. The cover is beautiful, but I wasn’t expecting too much from this. I was hoping for a quick read, and that is what I found.

The link to Wonderland is only a superficial link. The title character is called Alice, she befriends a girl called Kat [Cheshire Cat], there is a boy who wears a lot of hats at the start of the book and is always angry [can I call Mad Hatter?].

The zombies in this setting are unusual to say the least. They are incorporeal, spirit zombies, so the good guys have to fight them in spirit form. The lore for this is pretty good, obviously we find out about these monsters in dribs and drabs as the story develops.

Cole is a typical bad guy, the kind of character that draws you back in. You know he’s set up as the bad choice that comes good in the end. He does do rather a lot of tortured guy stuff, but he comes out in the wash.

Surprise surprise it’s a trilogy.

I also read the second one!

Through the Zombie Glass

Through the Zombie Glass

We return to our characters shortly after the end of the previous book. They are all recovering after a show down and various other dramas. Cole is trying to stop Alice from being part of the team, as he can’t bear to see her hurt again… but she is a stubborn teenage girl and will always get her way in the end.

This time around there is a traitor in the ranks, Cole doesn’t want to tell the group that he suspects something is going on – doesn’t want to cause a ruckus. Alice spends the majority of the book struggling for her independance, she wants to be on her own two feet and included, without endangering her one remaining family member. It’s tough, but you can see where she is coming from.

A second ‘love interest’ is introduced. Quelle surpise! The visions are interpreted all wrong for the purposes of teenage angst. The appearance of Gavin makes Cole super cranky. Blah blah… the new guy seems all good. Maybe too good to be true, which is a problem for me. He is a nice flirty addition though, even if he is a bit over the top at times.

Alice really gains some depth in this book. She has a really huge inner battle to be fighting, literally – as there is some bad ass zombie stuff inside her that is trying to escape.

I think I preferred this book to the first, as the characters felt more three dimensional this time around, as we have known them for a little longer and seen the dynamics of the group play out.

The third book in this trilogy is coming out soon… I’m not sure I’ll be grabbing it on release day, but I’d like to be read the conclusion of this tale at some point. If only because the covers are really beautiful!

– girlinthenerdshop

Photo 365: Days 146 – 243

I got incedibly behind with this task… and the longer I left it until I sorted it out, the harder it got. I think I left it so long because the amount of work it would take to get up to date with uploads actually scared me a little. Anyway, without further ado… here is a MASSIVE update for my 365 day photo challenge.