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#fandom5 Characters I Would Invite To A Feast

IMG_4867Hello folks, today begins a new feature that I’m trying out. A blog linkup hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. The original posts are here and here. So go check those out so you can catch up on what is going on… I’ll wait.

The list for this week is fictional characters you would invite to your Thanksgiving Feast. We don’t do Thanksgiving here, but if I was to host a feast for my favourite fictional characters I hope these guys would RSVP!

  1. Hermione Granger – I’m pretty sure she could help with the making the meal super magical and delicious.
  2. Ariel – We all know by know how much I love The Little Mermaid, I know her table manners are lacking something, but she is adorkable, and she help with the after dinner entertainment.
  3. Alice – This little lady from Wonderland knows lots about tea parties, so I’m sure she’ll be able to help me keep things running smoothly.
  4. Veronica Mars – It’s not a real party until things get sassy, VMars is full of the sass… and she’s very funny too.
  5. Erica – From Being Erica, I loved this show, and I miss it. So I’d like her to come along, maybe we could do some therapy on the side… time travel yeah.

So, that’s my list for this week. Which of your favourite characters would you invite too a feast?

– girlinthenerdshop

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My #fandom5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

IMG_4867Hello folks, today begins a new feature that I’m trying out. A blog linkup hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. The original posts are here and here. So go check those out so you can catch up on what is going on… I’ll wait.

This week I’m listing my top 5 Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without. I’m pretty addicted to my phone, it has managed to be a part of every single part of my life… it holds my music, my pictures, to do lists, book lists and all of my social media to name a few.

1. NubiDo

nubi do

This is top of my list, mostly because it is my favourite to do list app. You can have multiple lists going at once, and set due dates for things. I had to try a lot of apps before settling on this one.

2. Tsum Tsum


This is a super cute game that I found recently [thanks to the IGGPPC] and I am hooked. I like that you can have friends in it that show up on your scoreboard. The game itself is super adorable and really quick, so you can play a quick game to help you wake up in the morning.

3. Feedly

feedlyThis is the app I use for keeping up with the blogs I follow on the go. It’s got a neat list function so you can have everything categorised.

4. Pinterest


I use Pinterest for storing things to look at later. I have boards for recipes I want to try, crafts for potential presents and decor ideas for the house. It has a serious amount of stuff on there!

5. Goodreads


We all know of my love Goodreads. I like the app on my phone for checking if I own a book, or if I’ve read it before whilst in a book shop. I like that I can keep track of my reading challenge wherever I might have finished a book. It’s very handy.

What apps do you use every day? What can’t you live without on your phone?

– girlinthenerdshop

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I Read: Landline by Rainbow Rowell


I took a break from YA novels, it makes an interesting change, there are adults around for starters! So… first thing about this novel, I didn’t love it as much as I loved Fangirl or Eleanor and Park. I found the protaganist harder to relate to, mostly because she was a grown up with a family… I can only just about cope with having 2 cats – so I can’t imagine what kids are like to live with. Although, thinking about it now it could have been the best friend (who always loved her? puh-lease!) that grated on my nerves a little bit.

That said, I found this book very easy to read, and there was no point that I thought about putting the book down. I loved that the phone called the past, and that Georgie had the Marty McFly Back to the Future fix to make. It was hard for her to decide whether she had to fix it so they did get together, or whether she was supposed to not make that happen so that her life would be completely different.

It was also very refreshing that the first thing she did when she thought she might have been talking to her husband in the past was think that she had gone bonkers. I know that’s what I would be doing if I was talking to my childhood sweetheart however many years in the past.

I couldn’t help like feel that Georgie thought she’d married the wrong guy, the present day marriage just didn’t seem to get as much page space as her job / best friend / kids / parents got. Not that I’d let her pick the best friend to be husband material.

Overall I did enjoy this book, it was a fun and very quick read. I’m quite looking forward to reading Attachments, which is the last book I have to read by Rainbow Rowell [currently that is]. It’s another non-YA choice! I am spoiling you aren’t I.

– girlinthenerdshop

My #fandom5 Comfort Foods

IMG_4867Hello folks, today begins a new feature that I’m trying out. A blog linkup hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. The original posts are here and here. So go check those out so you can catch up on what is going on… I’ll wait.

The theme for this week Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better.

I am super pro at eating when I need comfort, so this list should be a blast… well the long list was a blast… putting those things in order so I had a top 5 list! Woah, that was a little trickier.

1. Chipshero_pdt_fries_mediumSome call them chips, some call them fries… whatever you call them… delicious chunks of deep fried potato. At the end of a long day, this is what I want to be eating in the cold months to make me feel better. Be they from a chip shop or a McDonalds.

2. Nutella


I can eat this stuff with a spoon… mostly when in need of comfort. You will soon notice a trend in my comfort foods.

3. Crackers


I love crackers, the savory biscuit kind, covered in butter if they are plain, or straight from the packet if they are salty or cheesy. Nom. Excuse me while I go to the kitchen!

4. Chocolatey things

buttons malteasers

These were originally 2 separate items, but lets face it, they’re very  similar so I’m grouping them together. I love chocolate buttons and malteasers. I could eat any amount, all day long. The bite-sized nature keeps me coming back for more.

5. Buttered thingsButtered_crumpet2

This could be toast, this could be crumpets, this could be english muffins [oh man now I want toast too!]. Anything bread like, hot, and covered in butter is a go to.

What are your favourite comfort foods?

– girlinthenerdshop

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Photo 365: Days 274 – 306

I’m pretty sure that some of these are not in the order that I took them. I can’t ever get them to stay in chronological order through the upload to the blog. Look at how cute the cats have been this last month! In the winter they like beds, and they like to snuggle. It’s adorable.

I Read: Maze Runner Trilogy

My original plan was to review these books as I went along, I wanted to have a distinct post written on each of the 3 books… however, I got rather behind with blogging about things, and if I only post one book review a week I’ll have them written until January… so it’s time to clump things together so I don’t get behind. This is a catching up exercise!

There are just too many things I want to talk about!

maze runner

Yet another YA book trilogy is to be made into a film, so in real Claire tradition I wanted to read the whole series before I went to see the film. I was pleasantly surprised by this trilogy… I’ve read a tonne of young adult novels lately, and some of them feel so similar. This one had some elements that made it very similar… i.e. teenagers, and there being some big bad that they had to deal with. What made this series feel different for me was the not knowing what was really happening, as the kids in the maze didn’t really have any clue why they were there in the first place.

I can see why people have compared these books to The Hunger Games, there is an element of kids against the world. The reasons they are in the maze is different to the games though, which makes it work a little better for me.

The reveals in the first book are quite slow, so it was frustrating at times, but the lack of knowledge amongst the characters made me want to read further to find out what on earth was going on in the maze.

maze runner2

The second book in the trilogy has far more twists and turns. I found it very hard to work out which characters I was supposed to be rooting for, and who I was meant to hate. Like Brenda… I just could not trust that girl, then just as I was starting to accept her, she disappears. The paranoia is palpable.

WICKED broke the rules in this one, which was interesting, as they had let so many other subjects die in various ways, but because there was a variable they weren’t planning for… they interefered. Which is odd, surely that could have been useful data for them, but I guess it’s bad form to kill of your main character!

We still don’t really know what is going on, the vague memories and flashbacks we see don’t explain anything. We don’t know what the variables are, and how they will use the patterns once they have found them.

As soon as I picked this one up from the library, I had the next one reserved so that I could continue straight on.

maze runner3

This is the last installment in the trilogy, so I went into this hoping that some more things were tied up, so we could get some closure.

Throughout the book I still wasn’t sure if the trials were over or not yet, there were certain things that happened that made me think that they were still being tested – like the presence of beetle blades in WICKED HQ, or the fact that getting to the arms locker and helipad felt just too damn easy and  then conveniently went wrong at a key time to make Thomas make a decision about whether to leave someone behind. After thinking about it at the end of the book, I think all of these events take place outside of the trials… maybe.

It was noticeable that Theresa didn’t feature as heavily in this book after she had been such an important part of the books previously. This wasn’t too jarring for me, as I was seriously still cross with her after what she has done.

The ‘happily ever after’ ending felt a little bit of a cop out, but at least we know that there is hope now, even if Brenda lied to Thomas… that was rude. They’re all safe now, which is good. They don’t deserve more drama after all that they have been through.

I’ve seen the movie to this too… and I’m still mulling over the rage at the differences… we’ll just have to watch this space to see if there is a movie review post!

– girlinthenerdshop

Photo 365 Update

Hello folks,

I know it’s been an awfully long time since I did a picture post for my 365 challenge, don’t fear – I am still going. I just got behind [again] on uploading the pictures to my laptop… and then once you do get behind – it’s a rather daunting task to get back on top of things again.

Here is a picture of Noodle not caring to tide you over [bonus picture not from my dailies!]


Party over where?

Party over where?

– girlinthenerdshop

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