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The first month of this year is up, and I’ve made some real progress with my reading goal for this year. In January I read 20 books! I can hardly believe it either, I’m a fifth of the way through my goal already.

1. Plumdog

This was a beautiful book to start the year off, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. The whole book is written from the perspective of the dog, Plum, who likes diving, walks on the beach and playing with her friends.

2. The Sleeper and The Spindle

This is another graphic novel, with pictures by my favourite illustrator of all time. A book with a twist and a really interesting retelling of some classic fairytales that we know and love, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

3. In Real Life

In Real Life was the January graphic novel pick for the IGGPPC Bookclub, to tie in with the retro gaming theme for this round. It’s a short book with a message, about economics or some such. It was heavy handed with it, but it was a sweet little story about personal growth too.

4. Batgirl Vol 1.

Collecting the first 6 issues of the New 52 version of Batgirl, it didn’t really grab me. It felt to me like Barbara Gordon was full of self pity, and was trying to do superhero things when she wasn’t fully recovered yet… there was a lot of that. Not my favourite.

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I love this book, the setting was so dark in places, and it brought a whole new set of fairytale type things with it. I loved the main character, and zoomed through this book. I’ve picked up the second volume, and I can’t wait to get started on it [once I’m through with a few other books that is]

6. Morning Glories Vol 1.

This looked promising from all of the reviews I read, comparing it to Lost but with teenage characters. I found it jarring, too many things were introduced with no follow up… the characters were all flat and relied heavily on stereotypes – I don’t care what happens next. Which is unusual for me with a series.

7. Aquaman Vol 1.

After we got past the numerous references to Aquaman talking to fish and being lame on land, this really picked up. He’s a good guy, and he does a good job saving the world and stuff. Mera is a grumpy badass. She can stay!

8. Thief’s Magic

A really creative magical universe, although I found the switching between characters hard to deal with at first. Hopefully the two end up in the same place so we don’t have to deal with that anymore.

9. Fables Vol 3

I’m in love with this series, I can’t help myself. This volume brings some love and some heartbreak.

10. Ottoline Goes to School

Tiny book written by Chris Riddell, with stickers included in the back for all of the special talents. The extra bits to look out for whilst you’re reading add some extra fun, and really make you stop to look at the illustrations.

11. The Seafront Tea Rooms

I love books about cafes and such. This one is a gentle read, and the romance doesn’t feel forced, and the story is predominantly about the friendships forged between the three female characters.

12. The Kabul Beauty School

I’ve got real mixed feelings about this book. The subject matter reached me, a woman doing her best to help other women in a grief stricken and war torn country; but it just didn’t flow. The writing was disjointed, and often it took a while to work out why things came in a certain order.

13. Catwoman Vol 2

More feline shenannigans occur, and there’s a nice tie in with the Batman arc too. Some creepy villain action coming up.

14. Scott Pilgrim #1

Something about this book didn’t click with me. My favourite character was Stacey Pilgrim, and she’s only in the book for half a dozen panels. She seems like the voice of reason to me.

15. Project Black Sky: Secret Files

Alternate reality super hero antics. It was a curious read, with some cool art – not sureĀ  that I could handle too much of the ‘is that, really?’ that the panels made me feel.

16. The Dark

Pretty picture book, and the little boy is very cute. At least he gets over his fear of the dark.

17. The Making Of

I didn’t really like this one, it was more than just the art style that didn’t work for me. It was pretentious, and that main character was an ass.

18. Fables Vol 4

The action is heating up in Fabletown, there is mystery and intrigue in this volume. And a lot of action and explosions and stuff. Ace.

19. Aquaman Vol 2

This is by far the prettiest book I have seen in a long time. I felt thrown in at the deep end with the team that was in this book, having no prior knowledge of Aquaman [or DC really]. It came together in the end. I can see myself reading more.

20. Black Widow Vol 1

Black Widow is trying to atone for her past, it’s nice to see her with a little heart. Although she is still cool as a cucumber and a badass.

So… that’s me all caught up for this month, I still have some books from last year that I want to talk about, and I might still do a bigger review of a couple of these books that I can’t help but go on about.

What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any recommendations?

– girlinthenerdshop

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  1. I still really need to get my hands on Plumdog! I also need to start reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I’m just scared it won’t be as good as I want it to be :)

    No recommendations, you already have a book pile to match (and tower over) mine!

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