Inside the Theme: 90’s Edition

So, a little bit of an introduction here: Each month at IGGPPC there is a theme for the penpal pairing round, and they give questions for people to use as blog fodder. The prefects are joining in with the fun now, so if you want to see this blog post in context then you can go over here

On with the questions:

1. Tell us your favourite memory from the 90’s:

Toys! Beanie babies – I loved those things. I had hundreds of the damn things, from jellyfish to bears. And Polly Pocket, back in the day when the whole playset fit in your pocket not just the little figures.

2. What album best captures the spirit of the 90’s for you?

I think the Spice Girls album Spice covers it all, as a tiny human being – me and all of my friends wanted to be one of the Spices (I was always Posh Spice if you were wondering)

3. What is your favorite 90’s TV show?

During the 90’s I would have to say it was the cartoon Rugrats, there was something about those babies and all the mischief they got up to. I loved their adventures, and looked forward to them every day after school.

4. Summarize your experience of the 90’s in one sentence.

I was very short, and grumpy.


“Look how short my legs are!”


5. If you could be a fictional character from the 90’s who would you be and why?

I would be Clarissa. She always had all of the answers, and she had the best bedroom I have ever seen.

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