Inside the Theme: Dark Fairy Tales

This was the first edition of Inside the Theme that I took part in, I thought that as my blog has been fairly quiet lately, I should use things that I have already written to inspire me to get back into the swing of things. If you want to see the full post including all the other prefects answers… here is where that happens

  1. Your favourite dark fairy tale and why?

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and the Beast , has Belle kept captive like in the Disney version, however, the original beast proposes marriage every night and she constantly turns him down. She is allowed a reprieve and goes to visit her family – she finds out that the beast is dying from a broken heart and she goes back to him.

  1. If you were a member of the Sidhe (or part of the fairy folklore world) what kind of fae would you be?

I would be a water nymph, as I always feel more at home in the water. I could imagine making a nice lake my home.

  1. As a child, what was the spookiest part of October for you?

The scariest part of October was always the shortening of the days. By the end of the month it would be dark on the way home from school – I’ve always hated that about the winter – the cold and the dark.

  1. You are planning a feast for fairies, what do you serve?

I would serve a lot of sweet things, like berries, tiny morsels of cakes, a whole table full of different things.

  1. What artist best captures your image of what a dark fairy tale looks like?

The artwork from the video game Alice Madness Returns really captures what a dark fairy tale is for me. It’s so vibrant, yet you can see the dark and twisted undertones. If you haven’t played that game I can highly recommend it.

– girlinthenerdshop

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