July / August Bookshelf Update

Seems like we are continuing with the bookshelf update. I really should have kept on top of this, as it’s getting tricky to remember all of the books that I read this year. There have been quite a large number as you will see in the wrap up post at the end of the year!


1. Fables 18: Cubs in Toyland

More Fables, getting close to the end now, don’t want it to end. I’ve really enjoyed these. Never end!

2. Jupiter’s Legacy Vol 1

A different take on superheroes, they all come out of the woodwork and they are in the public eye, with sponsorship deals and advertising rights and such. The troubles they have are big and small just like a normal person’s problems are.

3. Seconds

This is by the guy who wrote Scott Pilgrim, I wanted to give him another chance to impress me. This book was SO much better than the first I read by him. I liked how messing with time didn’t work out, as often messing with time stories never seem to show you how things can get so messed up. Essentially she got everything she ever dreamed of, but it didn’t make her happy like she thought it would. Cautionary tale.

4. Zoey Fools Around

5. Jake Finds Out

6. Nina Won’t Tell / Ben’s in Love

So, there’s a story behind why I picked this series of books to read – the first time I picked them up was when I was in secondary school. There was me and another friend that used to read them. I was reminiscing about them and decided I wanted to read them again to relive those memories. They were just as good / bad as I remember. And there is a lot about the stories that I don’t even remember, which is refreshing. I have the whole series sitting on a shelf waiting for me to read – all 24 of them!

7. Cemetery Girl

I started trawling through the comics shelf at my local library every visit, and I do seem to find some interesting looking books. This one was short, and I liked the idea of a girl living in the cemetery. She does this because she can’t remember who she is, and she stays where she wakes up. She hangs around with a variety of people that live in / near the graveyard and she becomes a bit of a badass and helps to stop a crime.

8. A Night of Cake and Puppets

I took a break from reading the main trilogy to wait for my friend to catch up, and I wanted a quick delve into this universe again, as it’s one I became rather fond of. This short story focuses on Karou’s human friends, and fills in the gaps in the story where they get together. I’m so glad that we got to see how the two finally got their acts together, as they are quite possibly the sweetest couple [even though Zuzanna would murder you if she heard you say that]. This story is magical, and such a necessary addition.

9. Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Hot in the City

I’d been trying to get into Harley Quinn comics for a while, and I was given the New 52 volume for my birthday. This one really kicked it off for me, shes kooky and strange like the original comics, but she doesn’t do so many of the painful one line jokes in this, well… maybe a couple, but she doesn’t do them in every single panel like she has done previously. This made me want to read more about her, and find out more of her back story or previous versions. [ As comic book history is well twisty and stuff]

10. Harley Quinn: Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes

So, my new found love for HQ made me not hate the silly jokes and puns – as I had found them quite irksome the first time I had tried to read this book.

11. The Bumper Book of Simon’s Cat

Come on, its about cats. I like cats. Cats are great.

12. Shadow and Bone

Another YA trilogy, don’t shoot. I have a favourite type of book to read. This trilogy has been so great, and I would say underrated as I hadn’t heard all that much about the series prior to picking it up.

13. Serenity 1: Those Left Behind

This was a quick foray into the ‘verse. Nice for a bit of nostalgia, but it didn’t grab me as much as the show did.

14. Gotham Academy Vol. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy

I had heard nothing but great things about this book, so I scuttled out to buy it for my birthday. I loved it, I want Maps to be my bestfriend.

15. Teen Titans Vol 1

I picked this one up because we had been watching the cartoon show Teen Justice [or something like that, Justice League Kids Edition] and it did not disappoint. It felt very much like the show,  all the characters felt like friends coming home.

16. Rat Queens Vol 2

I was hesitant to pick up this volume after some drama with the creative team. However, they mixed things up and got a new guy in so I didn’t feel bad picking it up. My one problem was you could tell that the direction had changed, it felt like whoever was writing the new comics didn’t know the characters all that well so they felt like different people this time.

17. Princeless Vol 3

I love a good strong princess story and this one is excellent, the lead princess is all about saving herself and wearing armour that looks practical. No chainmail bikinis here.



1. Cat Person

A very cute comic, but  only a third of this was actually about her and her cat, so I felt a bit misled.

2. Hinges: Clockwork City

Such. Beauty. I loved looking at this comic. It was glorious, but there was very little dialogue so it made it a challenge to follow the actual story.

3. Unshelved

Library comic strip collection. I particularly loved the Book Beaver, and the sarcastic reference librarian.

4. Lost at Sea

Once again giving Bryan another try, I just don’t think I understand what he is saying in his comics.

5. Here

This one was a beauty. More a concept piece that an actual story, one corner of the world glimpsed throughout all of time.

6. Red Queen

Woah. Loads of people say this book is like a blender full of other dystopian novels, and I can see where they are coming from, but this was so good in it’s own right. I love the setting and the powers and the families and all the characters. Cannot wait for the next installment.

7. Recipe for Water 

I read this collection of poetry for a reading challenge I did this summer, I don’t think this poetry lark is for me. I much prefer a narrative to a collection of things like this.

8. The Town That Didn’t Exist

A weird graphic novel.

9. Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

If you haven’t read Mouse Guard I can wait for you to go and get a copy and read it now. Off you go… back yet? Excellent, I love this! There is something just super magical about the mouse nations that you see here and all the things that they go through. It’s so well thought out as to which species could be an enemy to the little mice. And the artwork is super adorable.

10. Lumberjanes Vol. 1

I had heard such great things about this book, and I wanted to really like it. It fell a little short for me, I think mainly because the summer camp side of the story isn’t something that I connect with – because they don’t exist here.

11. Princeless Short Stories

More princess bad ass. Perfect.

12. Welcome to Camp Nightmare

This one was read for my online bookclub, I remember watching the show back in the 90s, the suspense was well built up. I thought the ending was a little cheap, but it is in keeping with the way of Goosebumps.

13. Sword Art Online: Aincrad Omnibus [Manga]

This is the third manga that I have attempted to read, and I have decided that it is just a genre that I am not bothered with. I enjoyed reading it as I have seen the anime so everything that was happening was familiar – which made a nice change from the other mangas I’ve tried. Still, felt a bit redundant reading something when I already know what the story is.

14. Claire Gets Caught

More nostalgia catch up, Claire did a bad trying to get back with Jake.

15. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

16. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

17. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I started a re-read of my favourite books – I’ll try to go into more detail in a separate post.

What are you reading at the moment?

– girlinthenerdshop

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