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September / October / November Bookshelf Update

Luckily [for me during this catch up], the later we got in the year, the less time I had for reading, so there is less for me to write in the catch up posts. Not many more to go now!  


1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As I said in the last post, my HP round up will come in a separate post, this is probably something that will appear in January now… unless I somehow manage to get everything done before then. Who knows how efficient I can be eh.

5. Apocalyptigirl

6. The Magicians

Oh boy, the snark came out strong in this one. I picked it for a reading challenge for the bookclub, and I didn’t get on well with this one at all. I didn’t like the style of writing at all. There was very odd pacing at play here too, as the book plodded on for hundreds of pages, and then the last 25% of the book a million things happened. I saw that the second book in the trilogy got a higher rating, but I won’t be going anywhere near it.


1. Attachments

I have had mixed thoughts about this book – I just felt like everything that was supposed to be sweet actually had kid of creepy undertones and I just couldn’t get over that element of it. I mean, the romance is predictable and kind of adorable. Bleh, books are hard.

2. Through the Woods

Bookclub pick for graphic novel. I don’t normally read ‘horror’ as it just doesn’t appeal, I don’t like to be scared or creeped out, I’d much rather there was magic and dragons to contend with. Let’s just say that I’m glad I read this in the daylight so that I didn’t get the full creep-factor!

3. Fables 19: Snow White

4. Fables 20: Camelot

5. Fables 21: Happily Ever After

6. Fables 22: Farewell

This run here completed my run of Fables, it feels like the end of an era. I like that the last two books spent a lot of time catching up with smaller characters and tying off their stories and lives. It was a good way to end the series – a nice happy ending.

7. Nimona

Science. And villains. And sidekicks. And the battle between good and evil. What even is evil anyway!

8. Siege and Storm

The second installment in the Grisha trilogy. There is so much action in this book and there was a whole ton of events just within the first couple of chapters.

9. Fairest Vol. 2

This one was a bit grim if I remember rightly, Rapunzel was one of the Fables I was most interested in – and this was her back story. It was dark and scary and eerie and all sorts of things.

10. Gotham City Sirens Book 2

This second book of the Sirens completes the run, more antics completed by Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. As this is older DC stuff, there is some stuff that I miss as I haven’t read extensively in the area… but the artwork is good, and the stories work well enough on their own. It just makes me want to read more about them.

11. The Unwritten Vol 1.

The mystery is real, was Tommy the inspiration for the character his dad wrote stories about, or is he the book character come to life? This is the beginning of the journey of discovery. I love books about books and characters, its gonna get twisty I can tell!


1. Ruin and Rising

The final installment of the Grisha trilogy, I’m glad I read it so close to the second book as I couldn’t put this one down. The book sets off in a direction you expect, but then takes some twists and turns as the characters realise certain things about themselves and where they have to go to be able to defeat the Darkling.

2. Girl Online

This was a very easy read, and it worked as a palate cleanser between other reads. It was very predictable, and I could see what was happening as soon as we saw the boy with the guitar. Still, it was sweet and a fine first novel by the author.

3. Teen Titans Vol 2.

Now starts the stack of comic books that I read on our mini holiday this year. The second volume of this was so far removed from what the first volume was. It felt like the issues were all very disjointed and I needed to have read a different series to fill all of the gaps in. Which is very irritating, as there were some seriously big plot holes. Totally dropping this line of comics now.

4. Batgirl of Burnside

This book was recommended as a good jump in point for Batgirl, as it was a new team, and new story arc. And the story was fine, it was very enjoyable from a superhero point of view. The constant social media inserts, and on the page tweets or texts or whatever were a bit jarring, maybe I’m just a traditionalist.

5. Alex + Ada Vol. 3

The bittersweet ending to this wonderful comic book series. A lot of other reviews will tell you this comic book didn’t cover any new ground, and that the ending was predictable – but if a story is told well, it doesn’t matter if the material is groundbreaking as long as you care what happens. I may have shed a single tear and clutched this book to my chest when I finished reading it.

6. Saga Vol 5

The latest installment… more family drama and the trials and tribulations. Will they ever work it all out. I just don’t know!

7. Supergirl Vol 4

A lot of New 52 DC comic story lines have started to really bug me… they all feel so disconnected page after page. To fully keep up to date with the events of any series you need to read six others, and that annoys me! Still… Supergirl is kind of a badass.

8. Lady Killer

On the surface you see a housewife going about her daily business in 1950s America, wrong! She is so much more than that. Can she keep up with family life and with being a super spy assassin? Cor blimey! This is a cracker.

9. Chew Vol. 1

Let me just say that the idea behind this comic thoroughly repulses me, eating something and being able to tell you everything about it? And the first scene being a food hygiene nightmare nearly put me off food for a week. I’m so glad that I stuck with it though. This is such a fun comic, it’s so well written. No wonder it has so many volumes already published. I hate being so late to the party!

10. Legends of the Mouse Guard Vol 2

This is the second collection of mini tales told by the mice themselves, such a joy to read. I think this has to be one of the favourites that I’ve read this year.

11. Mouse Guard: The Black Axe

Mouse Guard is incredible. This is the expanded tales of one the legends that I had read about in the collected works. I just want to live in this world – it’s so rich in history and the characters are wonderful.

12. Catwoman Vol. 3

Meh. That is all.

13. Sex and The City

Also meh. All I can say is that the people who made this book into a TV show… they had vision. To be able to make a book of name drops and no real characters into a show that I loved from the first time I came across it in university – and the obsession began.

14. Jack of Fables Vol.1

Jack is a lovable rogue. I love that he got his own comic, even though he’s such a player – I really want to read more about the shenanigans that he has gotten up to during his absence from the main Fables comics.

That’s me now caught up for last year… sort of. I’ll try to keep on top of it better this year – because it was super hard trying to remember something about all of these.

Do you have any recommendations for this year?

– girlinthenerdshop

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Inside the Theme: Time Travel

The theme for December is Time travel, some real tough ones in there this month. You can see the original post, with the rest of the prefect answers here. My answers are below.

1) You’re a time traveller, what is your chosen vehicle or device that allows you to cross the continuum?

I would have an elaborate pocket watch as my time travel device, there is something magical about pocket watches – I’ve always wanted one.

2) What historical event would you choose to go back and witness in person?

I would go to 28th June 1838 to watch the coronation of Queen Victoria, I remember being fascinated by the whole of the Victorian era when I was in school, and my town is very proud of its Victorian heritage.

3) Do you, like The Doctor, take along a companion? Tell us why, and if applicable, who.

Normally when I go places I like to take a companion with me, but I think if I was travelling time I’d have too much other stuff to worry about, so I’d go solo, unless it was a time travel expedition for a birthday present for a friend or something.

4) If you could travel to any point in time, would you try to change anything or do you think that altering the course of history is even possible?

This is such a hard question, all I know is that your villagers in Animal Crossing get real mad if you disappear for 2 years and come back to town full of weeds.

5) What is your favourite book about time travel?

I really want to say HP: Prizoner of Azkaban for this, because Harry Potter – but I feel like that doesn’t count somehow. So my other pick for this is Outlander by Diane Gabaldon – have you seen Jamie Frazer in the show? Who wouldn’t want to get lost in that time period!

– girlinthenerdshop

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A Year In Review: 2015

So, I just re-read my ‘Goals post’ for the start of this year, what an eye opener… if you want to read that post in full, you can find it here.

I chose three main categories to focus on this year: Upgrade, Organise and Share. Just looking back on that it seems incredibly vague…

The first category UPGRADE: I specifically mentioned new trainers here. I did that, so that is one job off the list. We did buy some new bookshelves this year, but I wasn’t replacing any old ones, we are just short of shelves / have too many books.

Next we had ORGANISE: I still leave things to the last minute, that hasn’t changed. Although I have been keeping on top of things like groceries and appointments and the like. I bought a different box for my Postcrossing cards to live in, it’s prettier than the last box they were housed in. My cloffice is still in exactly the same state as it was when I wrote that post, if not worse. Yikes, fail.

Final category was SHARE: As you can likely tell from my massive blogging hiatus this year, I didn’t manage to do much of the sharing online. I did do my fair share of swaps and sending of happy post to my friends. I think I lost focus with the blog, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve, I’m working to get back on top of things.

We can’t forget the obligatory reading challenge, that was a success. I’m very good at reading, it is my go to hobby when I need something to do. I always have a book on me, never leave home without one.

So, what did I do this year that is noteworthy? I was made a prefect over at IGGPPC in October, so I have done a lot of stuff for my favourite online community. I have even learned some new skills through this, like making graphics to make monthly challenges look a bit more exciting. I have a few more months left in this role, so I will continue to do all I can to make fun things for my iggles to do on a monthly basis.

I guess that we have been focusing quite a lot on the business this year as we grow and change. We have been running a lot more events this year, and getting our name out into the gaming community in general. We have run regional level events for multiple card games, and these have been incredibly successful. We do have some potentially very exciting news coming up for this business next year – so please keep your fingers crossed for this. I am hoping that it all works out, as the stress is really ramping up.

Looking back on this year it doesn’t really feel like I have achieved a great deal, my goals were very vague. I think I wrote them like that on purpose as the year before I picked specific things and when I didn’t achieve them it was a little disheartening, I think I will have to re-evaluate [again] how I choose the things that I want to do in the year.

I have had a couple of ideas already for some challenges that I want to set myself, but we shall see how they pan out.

How was your year? Did you achieve all of the things you aimed to?

– girlinthenerdshop