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Divergent on the Big Screen

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So, Divergent appeared on the big screen in April, and it took me until the end of the month to fit in seeing it, it was dangerously close to being cut from my local cinema, and down to one showing a day by the time I saw it… only 2 weeks after release. This doesn’t bode well for any film… but there are so many teenage-angst-dystopian films coming out at the moment that the odd one will slip under the radar.

When I came out of the screen it was the first time in a long time that I did a break down of what exactly the film did ‘wrong’ in comparison to the book. This isn’t normally a problem for me, as I read Hunger Games before I saw the movie and I didn’t have the same issues.

So… the majority of my initial thoughts were based on the movie as a comparison to the book… which is totally unfair as for me a book will [for the most part] win hands down as reading is my favourite. I have since tried to limit what I’m going to include to be mostly about what I actually saw on the screen. *fingers crossed*

The actors that played Four and Tris didn’t appear to have any chemistry between them at all, this is the biggest let down for me. The on screen moments were awkward and made me cringe a little bit.

The world building was very pretty, and I really liked all of the sets that we saw used for the Dauntless’ home. In my imagination the Pit was a lot more rocky, like it was actually a cave not some enormous concrete structure, but that worked for me. It probably made sense for a dilapidated Chicago.

The pacing in the movie was so much better than in the book, the start is nippy and we get straight into the action very quickly. The peril that Tris feels in her simulations came across really well, it was all very scary looking, in a mild peril sort of way.

I’m pretty sure they pronounced Erudite as err-you-dite the whole way through the film, which really bugged me for some reason. The Erudite as  a whole were a bit naff, they seemed too obvious to be the bad guys… I half expected to see them pouring toxic waste into the water supply and kicking puppies for good measure. That needed to be a bit more clever in my opinion.

I’m not sure that this film will get a sequal, which is a shame, as the second book has some far better ideas in it… and I’m still to read the last installment of this trilogy, but I’m really hoping it answers some of the final questions I have about the setting.

If you want to read my book review you can find it here.

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More of The Amazing Spiderman

Just a small aside before I get started, I really wanted to see Divergent this week, but it was down to one showing a day whilst I was still in work, so I guess Imma have to wait fot the DVD for this one, which is a bit pants… but what can you do!

This week saw the return of The Amazing Spiderman. What can I say? It was stunning. We saw it in 2D, as 3D makes my eyes go fuzzy and my brain hurt after an hour or so. It was marvellous, and I could see where the 3D really would have come alive, with Spidey swinging from buildings and web shooting all over the show. And IMAX? Cor blimey you’d be in for a treat I reckon.

Andrew Garfield plays Spiderman so well, you really get the cheeky college boy feel from him, and he’s bouncy and adorable as well. He’s trying to do his best to save people, but the media is out to get him as per usual.

The continuing romance is so bittersweet, I think the chemistry between the two on screen is what made this movie for me, Emma Stone was so beautiful. And the not being able to be together because he feels so guilty over her father’s death, and oh the sadness. The sadness. Wow… Sometimes I’m glad I don’t know much about the comic book universe, because had I known  that was coming I would probably been less willing to go and see the movie.

The main plot felt messy to me, possibly because there were too many badguys introduced into one movie to make it coherent for me. I think they’re trying to set it up for the next film  where they have the 6 baddies fueled by OsCorp technology, but sticking Rhino in at the end didn’t work for me at all. It felt rushed. However, the little boy in his costume made that moment, Spidey stuck up for him, so he wanted to help Spidey out too.

I did enjoy the film as a whole, but I didn’t feel as engrossed in this one as I did with the previous Amazing Spiderman movie. I’m still looking forward to them finishing the trilogy off though.


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Captain America and the Nike Shoe Showdown

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I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier last week. I really enjoyed it as a whole, what’s not to love about a hero of the people with some super whizzy technology and a spy lady that is so bad ass you know you want to be her secretly.

It was highly noticable that the Winter Soldier was not the main plot point, so the name was wrong for me… he was good. It was an intriguing story and I imagine it is a big part in the Cap background from the comics. It was well acted, and the twist! Oh my, I wasn’t expecting to see that face behind his mask. I renamed the film accordingly, as there was painfully heavy amounts of Nike product placement going on. How many close up shots did we need of Captain America and Black Widow’s feet? Yes… trainers are super good for super sneaky sneaking around. I noticed mainly because I distracted by the tiny human whispering constantly for the duration of the film a couple of rows behind me, they took my mind off the movie and then I noticed things. It happens… tiny humans are banned!

Nick Fury’s car was super cool, it was like the Swiss Army Knife of vehicles, it knew everything… I like that. And it managed to drive itself for a time to. That’s the kind of car I need in my life. Or a chauffeur, yeah, one of those.

Cap is an excellent hero, although I’m not sure how likeable he is. Very rigid, and there’s something off about him. Falcon on the other hand is super! I want a solo film of him please, kthxbai. His exo-suit wing set up is wicked cool, and I want one, even though I might be terrified of heights. He’s a normal guy, who is just good at what he does. And has wings. More of that please!

Stan Lee’s walk on role was the best part of this film for me. I love the moments when he walks onto the screen and I turn to look at Alex smiling back at me. Movie magic.

The twins in the after credits cut scene intrigue me, I didn’t know who they were, but I probably should have been able to put two and two together after all the internetting that goes on in my brain. Will be interesting to see how they depart from mutants… and if there is ever a cross over with the X-men… same universe after all.

Go see it, Chris Evans is a beautiful man, and Scarlett Johansson is bamf.

I Watched: City of Ember

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Whilst watching this film I was pleasantly surprised, after not expecting much from a Sunday evening slot on TV. It was released in 2008, I was 19 years old. I had an unlimited cinema pass, so I could go to the cinema as much as I wanted, and see all the films I could possibly dream of. So how on earth did I miss this one? It ticks all my boxes, dystopian setting, sci-fi / fantasy, based on a book I could read, strong characters… I could go on.

I love the premise of this story universe, that a council of some sort built an underground city to save mankind so they could have some sort of a future after the world was healed.

The mayor of Ember was given a box to hand down to the next mayor, and after a period of 200 years, the box would open and give the townsfolk instructions on how to exit the underground city and start on the journey above the ground. Unfortunately the box is lost, and it passes the countdown lost in a cupboard. It opens unseen with nobody to notice. The city was not designed to last forever, and the strain the population put on it makes it a tougher struggle each year. The fate of the City of Ember is left in the hands of two teenagers who must unravel the mystery left to them by the builders so that they can save the people.

I loved the set pieces, the underground city was fascinating to see. At the time the film is set, raw materials are running scarce so everything is being re-purposed until it can’t go any further. Instead of sending each other letters after the phone system breaks, they have people employed as messengers to physically visit the person and tell them of events and pass on news and such. The basic science and technology mixed with steampunk really well to make a believable future from this tiny community with no way of discovering new technologies in their enclosed city.

After a variety of mild perils and naughty mayors and people being blind in the face of their troubles there was a hopeful end and an escape from the looming forever darkness. Which is especially good for Lina who is scared of the dark.The film left you with a blank canvas for a new beginning, very sweet and a nice way to wrap things up.

I think I may have to read the book series next, just to see the differences.

I’d say a 5 stars for this one. I could be convinced to watch it again!

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Thoughts on The Lego Movie

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Wow… The Lego Movie. I didn’t know how to feel after that one. It had been so hyped up all over the internet. In general I enjoyed it, but there was something about the end bit where they bring in humans and ruin it all. I didn’t like that all that much… we don’t need meta. We need more cute Lego people running around.

Here were some thoughts I had during and after the movie:

  • Batman was not cool
  • Lego games have better animation
  • What is wrong with a double decker sofa?
  • I want a Unikitty
  • Unikitty is cute
  • Unikitty is a tiny bit terrifying
  • Do I still want a Unikitty? Maybe.
  • Everyone is soooo super special and great apart from you. You can shush
  • Poor 1980’s space dude just wanted to make a spaceship!
  • “Everything is awesome” is quite possibly the best and most catchy tune in the universe.
  • I HATE Will Ferrell.
  • Unikitty.

The song “Everything is awesome” was my mantra for last week. There is nothing worse than having a busy week, and just having to keep going – this song whilst making me sound crazy whilst I was singing it kept me amused for long enough to forget that I wanted to take a nap under the counter. Now… everything will be fine as long as we don’t make a dance routine to go with it!

I’ll go with 2 stars for this one, I’ve seen it once, which is all I wanted to do. Not sure I could be coerced into seeing it again.

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Camp Takota

Camp Takota

I watched Camp Takota this week. This is the first film written by Mamrie Hart featuring fellow YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. I’ve been following Grace Helbig for over a year, so I’ve followed along with this project from the beginning, as she showed quite a lot of background and behind the scenes footage during filming.

I’ll give you a quick synopsis if you don’t have a clue what is going on:

With her personal and professional life in shambles, Elise ends up having to take a job as a counselor at her old summer camp. There, she reunites with two estranged friends who attended camp and never left. When the future of the camp is put in jeopardy, the three friends must band together to save it, changing the course of their lives forever.

It was so good to finally see this film, it was a feel good, comedy and I enjoyed every moment of it [even one of the cats joined in the watching]. I think it’s a pretty big step for these guys to be involved in a project like this. And having their fans help them to follow their dreams and be successful is pretty cool too.

The film itself gave me all the feels, it was sweet. The main character Elise was very likeable, I related to her situation, especially when she doesn’t know what she should be doing with her life. I mean, it’s pretty hard to put your life back together in a flash, so it’s good that she took the time out to hide from the world and sort out her head.

Watching films about summer camp always make me wonder if I missed out on that experience. We don’t really have them in the UK. All the organised activities don’t really appeal, but I like the way the friendships are portrayed. Life long bonds are made with the people you spend the summer with, which does seem kind of cool. I’m so mushy.

Overall I really liked seeing Grace, Mamrie and Hannah doing a different thing. Hannah’s character was punny, so it fitted in really well with what you normally see her doing on her channel. Mamrie’s character had the odd crude and over the top moment, and Grace’s character still felt awkward… so there were enough similar traits on the screen to tie them to what you already see, but enough difference so it didn’t feel like a long episode on one of their channels.

Favourite Quotes

“I think my ovaries just winced”

“The technology… it just turned on me”

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I, Frankenstein – mini review

We went to the cinema twice this week! Hence the double movie feature.

I had heard very little about this film before we went to see it, but you know what it’s like, convenient time, relatively safe genre, based on a graphic novel. We thought we’d try it.

As a whole I was not very convinced. You lost me at gargoyles vs. demons. Demons that wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of an episode of Buffy might I add. They had some pretty grim close-ups of a couple of demons, but for the most part they just looked like people in rubber masks and the Demon Prince – not at all scary.

I had a lot of trouble watching as a great deal of the dialogue felt forced and the actors looking like they were gritting their teeth. Comic book projects like this can end up going in that direction though, it’s so hard to stay true to the base material to keep long standing fans happy, whilst making it accessible enough to new viewers so that they still enjoy watching it too.

However, it was very pretty. The scene setting at the very beginning of the film was very well done, some very striking landscapes and dramatic voice over stuff. I think my favourite bit had to be the gargoyles when transforming into human shape, the wings swooshing over their heads to become robes was beautiful.

On the screen it all looked excellent, some moments were probably lifted directly from the original artwork, the composition looked like it was straight from a panel. I don’t know if that makes sense.

It was quite easy to watch, but the pacing was a little off. The big battle scene in the middle was glorious and WAY better than the climax battle at the end.

I’m feeling generous, so I’m upping an originally planned 1 star to 2 stars. Aren’t I lovely.

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I Watched: Robocop [2014]

Hello folks,

Just letting you know that I went to the cinema several times recently, and the time I went to see Robocop and it had absolutely no lingering effect on me. That is over 2 hours of time that I sat in a darkened cinema screen and it left barely an impression on my brain.

I’m just not a fan, it was Alex’s turn to pick and I can’t say I hated this movie. I didn’t… I just didn’t love it either.

This movie was rated a 12A – so altogether it was pretty tame so the kiddies wouldn’t get scared.

Part robot, part cop they say. I say… whatever and where is the mega city? [yes… I know, wrong movie.]

– Girl in the Nerd Shop

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