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Oh, Professor Layton

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When I got my 3DS I got it for the sole purpose of playing 2 games. I wanted to try Luigi’s Mansion 2, and I really enjoyed it. I also wanted to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I love those games; I love the open world, and the way that you can just potter around the map doing what you feel like. [I’ll probably do a whole separate post on why I love it so much]. I got a bit obsessed though, and after spending weeks of playing for hours each day I had to take a break and I haven’t looked back. To fill the void, and make use of the gadget that now lives in my day bag I decided to try out a new game. Well… a new type of game for me, but an old one for the DS world. I saw that the newest Professor Layton game was going to be the last one, so I thought I’d try the first one and play through the whole series, it would probably have given me plenty of play time until the next open world game fell into my lap.

Before buying Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I had a few expectations. I thought it would be a really easy to play and casual puzzle game. And in those respects I was right. The game play itself was very simple, almost to the point of being boring. I thought that I liked puzzles, most platform games have some element of that going on… must find this item, that lets me turn this gear that opens the door and hey presto. The puzzle in this game? Some were worded in a way to obfuscate the question purposefully, some were just really weird, and some were blatantly stolen from our favourite puzzle adventure movie Die Hard 2 [I’m talking water jugs in the fountain people, catch up]

The kind of puzzle I was presented with, whilst varied between word, picture, shape and lateral thinking puzzles were infuriating. The play experience is very guided, there is very little to explore at the start. You get told that you have to get to the mansion… so you go to the mansion. If you try to divert yourself from that task, you get a friendly villager telling you that the mansion is in the opposite direction. Altogether I found it to be an awful lot of reading for a game… if I wanted to read a murder mystery novel, then I’d go to the library and I would probably enjoy it more.

It took several frustrating attempts at this game for me to realise that it isn’t for me. From now on, if I want to pass the time I’ll stick to my other hobbies. If I want something with a good narrative, I’ll pick up a book. And for those days I just need a puzzle fix? I guess I’ll do a good old fashioned cross word puzzle or a Sudoku.

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