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I don’t know how, in 24 years of being alive that I managed to not watch Buffy until now… I mean… some of those years can be excused as they ocurred before the show was current.

I stumbled across Buffy on Netflix a few weeks ago, I thought I’d have a dabble. I don’t remember ever seeing the show myself, but for some reason all of the characters are familiar, and I knew their names even though I never watched it at the time. I must’ve seen a couple of episodes from further ahead than we are now… I keep asking about the sister, and Alex says it isn’t time yet. We’ll get there.

I’m managing to pace myself really well, I don’t want to rush through it and make finishing this show a chore. It’s really quite refreshing that it aged so well, some teen programming from the 90’s does not come across so well now… like Dawson’s Creek [more on that another time].

Buffy is one of the best protaganists, she is capable, but she still manages to keep up with being a teenager, she goes off slaying, and she still has time to mope over her broken heart.

Such a back catalogue  of TV to get through, so much of the 90’s supernatural stuff that I missed… like Charmed. How the hell did that slink by under my radar!

Until next time

– girlinthenerdshop

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I watched Breakout Kings

This show started out so well for me, I loved that there was going to be a minor tie in with Prison Break [I totally guiltily love that show]. When it came up in conversation, all I knew was that T-bag was going to make an appearance. I wanted so much to like this show. The first season let me do that. Oh season one, all 13 episodes were so easy to watch. Yes, I wasn’t completely sold on running a crime squad with a bunch of convicts, but if you ignore that nonsensical bit, then you get some decent crime solving action.

For me, it did quickly turn into the Lloyd Lowry show. He is my favourite character, always so blunt and to the point, but quite often bringing a little bit of comic relief to the screen.

Season 2 was a whole other kettle of fish. Let’s create some drama to attract viewers and get ratings. Killing a marshall? Not sure how this will work without the guy in charge. Lets make a dirty cop a marshall… and only have 1 guy  head up the team. Let’s give the convicts guns and let them drive around on their own. Let’s have a field trip. One thing season 2 did well was adding in the season arc, so that there was an escapee that was being elusive and taunting them from episode to episode. The first season instead had Ray’s storyline as the over season plot as we all had to wonder what he did to get his badge taken away in the first place.

This one will not be able to replace Prison Break in my heart. [I’m not sure anything will]. The abrupt ending and massive cliffhanger made me a little disillusioned – I can’t guess what the 3 of them will decide to say in the investigation room… I didn’t want it to become a trade off for one guy or their freedom. At least  this way I can’t be more disappointed that they ruined it to go out with a bang

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