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Love Goodreads

I love the Internet. I use it all day everyday to do a whole bunch of different things, from talking to people, to keeping track of whatever multimedia things I want to keep track of. I’m going to do a short series of posts talking about my favourite ones, and ones that have made an impact on me.

You may have noticed that I love books, I know that comes as a shock to you. I used to find it hard to keep track of what books I had read and what books I wanted to read. I was looking for a way to get book recommendations from people that read similar books to me when I stumbled across Goodreads.

It’s been super useful for helping to categorise the books you’ve read. You can also get book recommendations from from other users based on what you’ve put onto your shelves. It’s kind of neat that people can help you find the books they love that you might like too.

Using the app on my phone is such a breeze, you can use the camera function to scan the barcodes on the back of books to add to your database. If you see a book that you want to read later on, scan the barcode and add it to your to read section. Done in a flash.

Goodreads also have the yearly book challenge. You pick the number of books you want to read in the year, and everytime you complete one, it adds it to the list for your challenge. I picked 40 books for my total this year, and I finished that number in early July. I’m going to up the number to 75 and see how I do. I have gotten through a phenomenal amount of reading material so far this year. So, let’s see if I can keep this up.

I can’t help it, books are my jam!

– girlinthenerdshop

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Loonacy by Looney Labs



Loonacy is a really neat little game… it’s so quick to pick up how to play and it can be played with anybody.

loonacy 1

The box says 2-5 players, but I recommend playing it with 3 or 4 people, that way you have a selection of piles open to play your cards onto. With 5 players, there is only 1 pile available and I could see this getting a little violent once you’ve gotten into the swing of things.

The interesting thing about this game is that you don’t take turns to play cards, if you can play something, you just do it, and hope that nobody interrupts you whilst you are doing so. Which can lead to frustration if you can’t play and everyone else is emptying their hand at a rate of knots.

loonacy 2

This game has no language content, as you are matching pictures, and the artwork is a glorious mixture of things you might recognise from other Looney Labs games with a few new [to me at least] images thrown in for good measure.

Several people that I played it with commented that it felt very un-British to be fighting to put cards down, and in I way I agree, it felt unusual to be aggressive, especially if you were trying to stop someone else in the middle of a card playing streak.

I played it a dozen times last week, and everyone who wasn’t convinced by ‘picture matching’ was sold after they had played it once. It’s a good starter game, or a filler game for in between big, serious games.

Some of my favourite quotes from last week playing this:

“I’ve got an abundance of toasters”

“What is that fluffy thing”

“What did you put a brain down for? That doesn’t help”

And a bunch of swearing when someone managed to empty their hand when we were all so close!

Hello World

This is the beginning…

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