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Which is easier to find- Gold or Marvel Dice Masters?

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Hello folks,I’m briefly going to talk to you about a Wizkids game called Marvel Dice Masters. It’ll only be brief, because I haven’t managed to play this game other than a couple of quick starter games to get the feel of it.

I’ve been trying to hold off on talking about it, because it is currently really tricky to get in stock. And I don’t mean just my local store, I’m talking global short printing. It happens, and it can’t be helped. However, anything Marvel themed at the moment is super guarenteed to sell a whole truckload. It came out just under a month ago, and the first batch of restocks is due in soon. I’m really hoping its soon…

Dice Masters Starter Pack

Dice Masters Starter Pack

The first starter set is Avengers vs X-men, so if you’re a fan of those things and you like games, this is a really cool thing to keep an eye out for. The starter set comes with enough stuff for two people to play with, and there is plenty of choice, it can be a bit limiting if you want to play slightly larger games, but that is where the boosters come it. Each booster has two character cards and two character dice in [these match, so you will get a Loki card and a Loki dice in the same packet]. Collect more boosters, have more options, make your ideal team. Simple idea. Really cool game, with lots of interactions you can mix and match.

The rulebook however, is one of the worst rulebooks I’ve ever read. It takes a good long while of reading and head scratching to figure out. Head to youtube, watch someone explain it, it is simpler than the rulebook makes out.

I’m looking forward to trying to trade for some of my favourite marvel characters, I want some more Black Widow dice, but she is really easy to get into play, so I can imagine there being quite a lot of competition in the swap pool for her.

Look at the pretty dice, I wants them all!

Look at the pretty dice, I wants them all!

There’s a new starter coming out in September, which is the Uncanny X-men Starter, which I’m really excited about.

The answer to the title question is, at the moment, GOLD! Congratulations. Have 10 mars bar points.


Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

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Today I want to witter on about a deckbuilding game called Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. [From now on, I’ll just use Ascension, but you know what I’m talking about right?]

Players: 2-4

Time: 30 minutes

Age: 13+

I played this game for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. I actually played the “Apprentice Edition” Which is a 2-player starter game… with a paper playmat included so that you know where all of your cards go. This version is also a bargain at only £10. So now you have no excuse to go and try it out.

I found it incredibly easy to learn as a game, having limited experience with CCGs and the like, but once you have the basic mechanics of your turn in your head you’re ready to go. It’s a game that is super easy to learn, but a challenge to master. And for that reason it has so much replayability for me.

The aim of the game is to gain as much ‘honour’ as you can. And you do this by recruiting heroes and defeating the monsters. Cards have all the stuff on them that you need to know, and the different clans work in slightly different ways. Card draw is key, so if you play it, it’s a good tactic to go for.

After my first came on that fateful Wednesday night, I was told by another friend that this game is available on iOS. What!

The instant I got home, I downloaded it straight away and began playing… it was exactly the same play experience! And you can either pass it around a group, or play against up to 3 AIs built into the game. I was kept occupied in this fashion for a good portion of the evening and most of the next one too. I should point out that the basic game was free. FREE! My favourite price. And for a tiny sum you can download the expansions, which I did and it adds more mechanics and more cards to the field. I like to mix it up by toggling different expansions on and off. Wild, I know.

I really want to pick up a copy of this game, so next time we get it back in stock I’ll be taking it home with me!


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Carcassonne Review

For a girl who works in a nerd shop and loves boardgames its taken me a pretty long time to post a review of one! This week has been super hectic, with umpteen deliveries and new ranges to deal with, hopefully things calm down this week so I can get back to posting on a semi-regular basis!

Onto the review




Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 30-45 mins

Age:  13+

Carcassonne is the first board game that I played; it’s a good gateway game to get into the wide variety of Euro board games. It’s a very simple, tile placement game and meeple management, but it brings enough strategy with it too. Trying to work out how to best place my meeples to benefit myself, and not anyone else, without making it too hard to fill in the gaps is a good challenge.

The aim of the game is to build the area surrounding the famous medieval city, each player gets to place one tile and place followers to try to score points. You score different amounts for completing cities, roads and surrounding monasteries, and at the end of the game, even incomplete areas still score some points, although normally less than if they’d been finished.

Carcassonne is one of my favourite games, it’s just so simple to pick up and a nice mid-length game. Obviously you get out of it what you put in, if you want to be super competitive and try to join up with all the cities you can to fleece people out of points then you can, but I’m one for a more gentle and friendly game.

On teaching this game to many of the customers, I normally leave farmers out the first time, I find them to be a little bit complicated and they tie up meeples until the end of the game. I don’t want things to be overly complicated if they don’t have to be.

3 player game in progress

3 player game in progress

It’s a good game to begin with, as it keeps all the players involved until the end, I’ve had players who thought they were going to come last make a massive leap forward and leapfrog a couple of people by having strong placements and scoring their incompletes at the end. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience if you need to play all the way through. It’s fast paced with 2 players, and definitely still fun with 3 or more players.

I will always be willing to play this game, so it gets a high rating from me!