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My Year In Books

Goodreads are very wonderful at this time of year and they have given me stats for what I have achieved reading wise. My initial reading goal for the year was 100 books, to match my total from the year before. I smashed it this year! I had read 100 books by the middle of July, so I upped my total a couple of times, until I stopped at 130. Goodreads informs me that I have now read 154 books. I’m not sure that I will finish any more books this year, it would be nice to add another to the total to make it a nice multiple of five.
If you look at the breakdown of books, most of the things I read this year were trade paper backs or graphic novels… I don’t really know how this makes me feel. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am cheating to increase my total – as a trade paperback will normally only take me an hour or so to read so I can get through several in a day quite easily. Less than 50 of the books I read this year were actual novels, so I’m going to try and rejig how I work my reading challenge next year. I still want to record the graphic novels I read, but I want to make more of an effort to read more novels.
How do you factor comic books into your reading goals for the year?
Below is my year in books.

Img totallargel 2x 154 books, 35,477 pages

36 pages
The Dark  by Lemony Snicket
766 pages
Harry Potter and the Order of th…
by J.K. Rowling
235 pages
4,050,573 people also read
Harry Potter and the Philosopher…
by J.K. Rowling
19 people also read Hero Cats Volume 1 by Marcus Williams

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J.K. Rowling
4.57 average
really liked it
it was amazing
 – girlinthenerdshop


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Books That Made Me Who I Am Today

This week someone was asking about book recommendations for childrens books, and it set me to thinking about all of the books that I have loved.

Books have always been a massive part of my life, I even remember [and I think my mother still has] my first board book. It was called Clap Hands… and I still know all of the words!

So on with the books that made me who I am today!

clap hands

Clap Hands by Helen Oxenbury

“Clap hands, dance and spin, open wide and pop it in. Blow a trumpet bang a drum. Wave to Daddy, Wave to Mum.”

This is one of the first books that I remember, it has always been on my bookshelves. I loved the big clear pictures and the easy rhymes. I must have been about 3… maybe.

dear zoo

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Lift the flaps were always amongst my favourite books. Just in case the flaps were different at any point.

slinky hairy

Hairy MacLary by Lynley Dodd // Slinky Malinky by Lynley Dodd

I think I had Hairy Maclary on tape, as I distinctly associate this one with a strong Scottish accent. I love that all of the characters names rhyme… I love that the dog had all of his dog and cat friends to play with.

each peach

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

It’s the illustrations that get me on this one. It’s a classic, and I think it’s a book that every child should have read to them. It’s very important.


The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

This one had little letters in pockets on all of the pages so you had flaps to lift and little extra things to read as you went through. And what more could you want than to be able to read some fairy tale character letters.

owl babie

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

The love of this book came from my mother, she did voices for the baby owls. The last thing the smallest owl says to his mummy at the end is something that sticks with me. Throughout the book the babies are asking where their mummy is… mild peril. Then she comes back and the littlest owl says “I love my mummy” – this is still written on the welcome screen to my mums phone and I’m 25… I put it there when I was 12 and again everytime she has changed her phone since. I’m cool… and mushy.


Topsy and Tim by Jean and Gareth Adamson

I loved these stories, there were so many [so many more now, they are still publishing new ones]. The artwork has changed in the newer ones, so that they don’t look like the Topsy and Tim I remember, but they still have a place in my heart. I don’t remember many specifics, apart from in one where Topsy felt poorly the word “humphydiddlum” was used… to mean feeling out of sorts and not quite right. I still use it to this day.

old bear

Old Bear by Jane Hissey

I had lots of things that went along with these books, I had a Little Bear in his pyjamas, that used to sit on the shelf at the end of my bed. And a video! I watched the video all the time, just so I could sing along with the theme tune. “Tell us a story Old Bear, we’ll all gather round, all around dear Old Bear”


Dogger by Shirley Hughes

This book went everywhere with me for a time. It even led to me carrying a toy dog [an andrex puppy one] around because the boy in the story had been without his dog and I didn’t want to be in the same boat as that!


Sebastian by Vanessa Julian-Ottie

My love for cats started young apparently.

dark and stormy

A dark and stormy night by Allan Ahlberg

This one needs no explanation, it was just fabulous. Tall tales that got even taller and siller, pirates, bad weather. What more could you want?


Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar by John Foster

This is my favourite book of rhymes / poems from when I was a tiny person. I can still remember the first section of the title poem now. I really liked them, they were fun and silly.


Sophie Stories by Dick King Smith

Sophie is small, but very determined. She loves animals and she wants to be a farmer when she grows up. Her best friend is Great-great-aunt Al from Scotland, who looks a bit like a bird, and her worst enemy is a girl called Dawn.” She was such a wild little girl, who stuck to her guns. She was really very funny, and kept me entertained for hours.

bear nobdy wanted

The Bear Nobody Wanted by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Apparently a lot of the books I remember where written by the same people. So there you have it! This poor bear, I must have read this book half a dozen times in my life. The things this poor bear went through, being abandoned and unloved for so long until he finds a place at the end.


Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome

I went through a sailing phase, I’m pretty sure that I really thought I could have been just like these kids, even though the idea of being alone on an island with my siblings was terrifying. They had such adventures, and I fell in love with the romance of the time, and with the freedom they had as children. I have fond memories of this series, I even used this book as a comparison on children’s literature for one of my A-level essays. There was a whole bunch of these books, I got them one at a time from the library… all part of the adventure!


The Edge Chronicles

This is where my love of Chris Riddell came from. I love his artwork. I have such fond memories of the book covers for these books. I know we’re not supposed to pick a book by what it looks like, but the strange creatures were what made me take this book home from the library. I devoured the whole series. And about a month ago, I remember wanting to read them again, from the beginning, all in order. Boats fly or something.


The Divide by Elizabeth Kay

I found this in my secondary school library, I remember picking it up because the hardcover was odd. It opened in the middle of the front [a bit that is normally not where it opened.] This should have been a strong indicator that I liked fantasy novels.


Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Why did I pick the 3rd book you ask? Well, this is the first one I read. This is how I fell in love with Harry Potter and his friends. After this one, I went back and read the other 2, then after that I got every HP book on release day. Including the last one, that came out on the last day of Guide camp… when my parents came to pick me and my friend up, they had 2 copies sat in the car ready for us to start reading straight away.

So, that’s my journey through time. What were your favourite books growing up?

– girlinthenerdshop


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