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Disney Princess Adventures

I have a thing for Disney princesses, I mean – who doesn’t?

Princess Kinder eggs... gimme!

Princess Kinder eggs… gimme!

So when Kinder Egg plaster the princesses onto the packaging and told me I had a bunch to collect, who was I to say no!? I couldn’t do that, not when there was an Ariel at stake.

I immediately took to the task, buying a couple a day… and getting immensely frustrated with the ARMY of Belles that appeared out of a series of eggs.

It took a long time, but I persevered and I now have 6 out of the 7. My aim was to get an Ariel, and I did.

121I’m still missing the purple one from Tangled, but that can’t be helped can it. Even though I did buy a full tray of 12 one time… I think I had a problem.

Look at the full collection!

120There were actually more than this, but there are a few at work sitting on the till, and a couple have made a journey over the sea to Texas to live with Klaudia.

That’s all for today folks… I’ll keep you posted if I find the last one miraculously.


Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Please tell me a story Old Bear, we’ll all gather round, all around dear Old Bear [ah, nostalgia!]

I’ve had such a time of things happening that the internet must hear about! This one is about people… I will never understand them.

I went to the corner shop near work one afternoon to buy Kinder Eggs [post to come soon!], as I have an addiction. There was a song on the radio, it was catchy, I found myself bopping along to it whilst I was in the queue to pay. A girl and her friend saw me do this before they left the shop.

As I walked out behind them they were laughing… and when one of them looked back at me… her face turned to stone and she quickly looked away. I got the feeling they’d been talking about me moments before.

When there is music, I dance. I never realised it until Alex pointed out that I was dancing in the supermarket… I don’t mean full on dance routine, twirling and clapping. I mean swaying when I walk, or moving my head in time to the beat. It’s not that weird. I’m told it’s the sign of a contented soul.

So girls – here’s my message for you. Stop worrying about what people think of you if they don’t know you… that song was a good’un and that stolen 10 minutes from work to buy my Disney Princess Kinder Egg made me happy.

– girlinthenerdshop

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