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April Favourites

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already folks. Time flies when you are super busy at work and have a million things to do. At least I’m not bored… right?!

To start this off I’m going to tell you that my favourite film was Divergent. [The review of that movie is here.] I really enjoy it now that some time has passed and I can look back at it. At the time in the cinema I was mentally shaking fists at the screen because so many things were different. Bad Claireypops.

My favourite book for April was Cress. I love fairytales and this one really worked for me, it’s one of my favourite book series to appear recently, and I cannot wait for the last book to be published!

Favourite game this month has been Cheaty Mages. This was brought along by a guest on a recent Wednesday, and it was super fun. You play as mages who are betting on gladiatoral fights between mythical creatures and you cast spells to make various creatures better [or worse]. I was by far the cheatiest mage, and I won lots of gold. Very good fun.

Food time! I made a Potato Gratin with spinach and bacon, goodness only knows why I chose it – as there is a lot of love lost between spinach and I – but it was delicious. Good, comforting food for a chilly spring day. And a special mention should go to the Burnt Ends at Hickory’s Smoke House in Rhos-on-Sea. I think I could eat those forever. Wonderful.

I am slowly catching up on the backlog of awesome TV that I have missed and this month saw Firefly being the series we burned through. After all the hype out there about how awesome this is, and the desperate love this show induces in many people I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

That’s all for this month folks,



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March Favourites

This month I’ve mainly loved stuff, so I’m dropping the not so hot part of the list.

I’ve read a phenomenal amount of books this month, well, 11 feels phenomenal to me. My Favourite Books this month are Feed and Divergent. Divergent was a very easy read, and I loved the characters. The setting was unusual and it left me wanting more, I finished the sequel this week, and I’m waiting for the third one to come back to the library. Feed was a very satisfying read, the story was complex and and character development was excellent.

We didn’t see that many films this month, due to extended car issues [which will hopefully be fixed soon]. The Favourite Film had to be Veronica Mars. It’s been a long wait since the Kickstarter project finished, but it was definitely worth the wait. I was happy to see the characters so many years after we last saw them. We watched it the day after it came out, on the sofa at home with a big bowl of marshmallows, it would’ve been better to see it on the big screen, but it wasn’t showing everywhere.

Favourite Game this month, was a cute little board game called Mai-Star. The aim of the game is to compete with other Geisha to get the best customers and earn the most money. A game only takes between 20 and 30 minutes. It’s a really good warm up game, to get you into the spirit of things before playing a longer game. We’ve played it half a dozen times this month, I still haven’t managed to win it yet, but it’s a fun little game, and the artwork is great.

Miscellaneous Favourites include Cadbury’s Egg and Spoon… they are the most delicious thing ever. I’ll be so sad when Easter is done with and they get taken off the shelves. It’s pretty weird how Kinder Eggs get to be an all year round type of food, but creme eggs and other eggs like that are only available for a few months at the start of each year. I’ll just have to stock up before they disappear.

We had a whole week of slightly better weather. It was so refreshing to see the sun. And a nice break from the relentless stormy weather we had in January and February. A tiny bit of sun is better than no sun at all, it’ll be nice to have it on a more regular basis.


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Hot or Not February

Hot Not so hot
Red Shirts by John ScalziĀ – this was my favourite book this month. I loved the layers of knowledge the characters had of what was going on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – Quite possibly the worst thing I have ever read. I almost wanted o never read again after this. Except I love books, and this is a terrible way to end a promising reading career.
New Leather JacketĀ – H! by Henry Holland is my favourite range of clothes at the moment. He has so many quirky t-shirt designs and I want them all. Looking forward to slightly less precipitation so I can wear this! Torrential Rain – seriously fed up with the bad weather. It just makes me want to eat cookies and stay inside. Forget about going to work!
IGGPPC Valentine Card Swap – I got some really cute and nerdy cards in this swap. The extra items in the postbox made me happy Lasagne – Just one of those foods I guess. I used to like it, but now I just can’t stand it any more!
Camp Takota – a feel good movie made by some of my favourite internet stars
I, Frankenstein – very pretty, but the story didn’t work for me at all.
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