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My Year In Books

Goodreads are very wonderful at this time of year and they have given me stats for what I have achieved reading wise. My initial reading goal for the year was 100 books, to match my total from the year before. I smashed it this year! I had read 100 books by the middle of July, so I upped my total a couple of times, until I stopped at 130. Goodreads informs me that I have now read 154 books. I’m not sure that I will finish any more books this year, it would be nice to add another to the total to make it a nice multiple of five.
If you look at the breakdown of books, most of the things I read this year were trade paper backs or graphic novels… I don’t really know how this makes me feel. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am cheating to increase my total – as a trade paperback will normally only take me an hour or so to read so I can get through several in a day quite easily. Less than 50 of the books I read this year were actual novels, so I’m going to try and rejig how I work my reading challenge next year. I still want to record the graphic novels I read, but I want to make more of an effort to read more novels.
How do you factor comic books into your reading goals for the year?
Below is my year in books.

Img totallargel 2x 154 books, 35,477 pages

36 pages
The Dark  by Lemony Snicket
766 pages
Harry Potter and the Order of th…
by J.K. Rowling
235 pages
4,050,573 people also read
Harry Potter and the Philosopher…
by J.K. Rowling
19 people also read Hero Cats Volume 1 by Marcus Williams

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J.K. Rowling
4.57 average
really liked it
it was amazing
 – girlinthenerdshop


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February / March Bookshelf

Right, time for the book shelf update. Seeing that I missed the February one, this is going to be two months of reading history. There’s quite a few to get through, so let’s get on with it!


1. Emily The Strange : The Lost Days

A mystery is a foot, a girl with amnesia wakes up on a park bench and can’t remember anything. Part novel, part notebook / casebook on her path to remembering who she is and what she is doing. It’s very kooky, but that was to be expected. Maybe it was a bit weird in places, but the ludicrous can be good sometimes.

2. The Secret Service: Kingsmen

I read this comic after we saw the movie, and it’ll be one of the few things I can say that I preferred the movie. I liked the silly over the top spy stuff that happened. It was very easy to read, and the comic was different to the movie so it was not too much trouble to read it afterwards.

3. The Revenge of Seven

The latest installment in the Lorien Legacies. We are really hitting the action now. The gang is determined to continue on their quest to save the earth and restore their home planet. I like the turn this is taking, and I’m really hoping that we see some more action and battles in the next one. I love seeing their powers being used.

4. Justice League Vol. 1: Origin

I have to admit this one didn’t thrill me, I expected to really like reading about all of these characters together but it just didn’t work for me. It felt like there were too many people fighting to lead the team.

5. Blood Song

First note about this book – it felt so long. I loved the training element of the book where the main character guy was learning so much stuff. Can anyone say wizard school? I just found the battles so arduous and difficult to get through, not being well versed in military stuff I found all the details very challenge. Also… the blood song doesn’t really get covered enough. Even though its meant to be the thing that is leading him through life or whatever.

6. Fables Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons

Boop. More fairytale goodness, we see some new additions to Fabletown [adorable ones] and we live through the aftermath of the invasion. It’s a hard time to be a fable as everything is changing. I could just devour this series.

7. Fables Vol.6: Homelands

In this volume we uncover some truths about the homeland and the adversary. I liked exploring the new places, and really seeing what Boy Blue can do, as he has been a minor character up until this volume. Boy can really come through for the fables! [I have four more volumes on the way, so there will be more of these soon]

8. Superman Vol. 1: What Price Tomorrow

While I enjoyed seeing Superman in the Supergirl comics, I wasn’t as fond of him in his own storyline. The new direction for him is quite dark and troubled instead of his traditional golden boy saviour role. Not sure how I feel about it, it might take another volume or so to get used to his new character.

9. Hero Cats of Stellar City Vol.1

Super hero cats who want to save the world? Yes please. This book is very small and only collects 3 issues of this comic. It’s so cute. I loved the montage nature of training the new cat to be a part of the team. And also cats.

10. American Honey

I won this book last year as part of a goodreads contest, and it’s taken me quite a while to get around to reading it. I picked it for the February IGGPPC Book Challenge (a book with a heart on the cover). It’s a  very short book, and a perfect example of a self contained YA book. I’d recommend it if you enjoy music and singing, as it is a very easy read. The main character was flighty and annoying and couldn’t make up her mind about a boy. Jack didn’t come across as someone to share your dreams with – he’s too selfish.

The singing contest part of the book was excellent, it fell apart for me after that. I didn’t need anything to happen after that.

11. The Guild Vol. 1

This comic is a sort of prequel to the webshow. I think I preferred the comic to the webshow, it was a fairly entertaining read about how the guild formed.

12. Fairest Vol. 1

This is a spin off from Fables, mainly focussing on the female characters. It happens mid-way through the Fables storyline, which I haven’t gotten to yet so I was lucky that there weren’t too many spoilers. I loved this one, the artwork is so lovely. And I love seeing the different lands.

13. Trees Vol. 1

Set in a future where aliens have landed on the planet but ignored humans for the last 10 years. There were lots of different storylines happening at once, and this book is really about how people deal with the situation and adapt to life once the ‘Trees’  arrive. So much changes, governments topple, climates change. Whole new societies bloom at the base of these trees. The characters are so well written, and I really liked that at no point was it a us vs. them kind of plot.



1. Usagi Yojimbo Vol 1: The Ronin

Rabbit Bodyguard. Not my favourite book of recent history. I have no real interest in the ancient Japanese setting this book lives in, and in an odd turn of events, having animals as the characters didn’t work for me at all [it normally does]… I found myself uninterested in what was happening quite quickly, and the art style couldn’t really keep me interested.

2. Days of the Bagnold Summer

This is a slice if life comic, it’s very meloncholy and reminded me a lot of Ghost World. The book follows six weeks of time with a single mother and her son. It has it’s awkward moments but you see some development in the son and he isn’t always surly by the end of the book.

3. Days of Blood and Starlight

The second book in the trilogy really took a turn a turn for the dark, in the aftermath of the war there is so much vengeance being enacted. Karou has a new job, and she’s not enjoying it at all, it’s so hard for her to follow orders and restore the balance.

4. Alex + Ada Vol. 1

Glorious. Futuristic. Go get one now. I want a robot to be a companion, so we could go to places and do things together. And the whole AI debate touched on some issues. I’m really interested to see where this story goes.

5. Grandville Mon Amour

The artwork in this book is phenomenal – I mean absolutely stunning. I could just sit and look at the book all day.

6. Supergirl Vol 2: Girl in the World

More supergirl, this volume didn’t work as well for me, I think because it had been so long since I read the last volume. We see her tackle some bad guys solo, which was cool. And she’s trying harder to fit in on Earth until the last issue that is when plot twist.

7. Requiem

I read this book for the March IGGPPC Book Challenge. I’d been putting off finishing this trilogy –  as the second book felt like such a chore. I was disappointed with the ending, as no conclusions are drawn about anything. I’m glad she found Grace, but it feels like an afterthought as she isn’t really mentioned at all after Lena escapes into the wilds. Also the love triangle is incredibly frustrating and pointless – I didn’t care who she ended up with at all. It’s done now though, goodbye love cure land!

8. Y: The Last Man Book 1

Omigosh – this book? I loved it, once I picked it up I could not put it down. I’m really enjoying sci-fi comics at the moment. In a future when all the men and male things die off at once, and only one survives with his pet monkey? Confusion and infighting abound, it’s a very cleverly crafted setting.

9. Supergirl Vol 3. Sanctuary

This volume finished a crossover event that covered a lot of the super-titles. So, having not read the other comics, some bits confused me, but I still love this book. It was dramatic, and stuff. I loved the Super-people teaming up and the Small Justice League appearance to save Supergirl.


So, there are all the books. What are you reading at the moment?

– girlinthenerdshop

January Bookshelf

The first month of this year is up, and I’ve made some real progress with my reading goal for this year. In January I read 20 books! I can hardly believe it either, I’m a fifth of the way through my goal already.

1. Plumdog

This was a beautiful book to start the year off, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. The whole book is written from the perspective of the dog, Plum, who likes diving, walks on the beach and playing with her friends.

2. The Sleeper and The Spindle

This is another graphic novel, with pictures by my favourite illustrator of all time. A book with a twist and a really interesting retelling of some classic fairytales that we know and love, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

3. In Real Life

In Real Life was the January graphic novel pick for the IGGPPC Bookclub, to tie in with the retro gaming theme for this round. It’s a short book with a message, about economics or some such. It was heavy handed with it, but it was a sweet little story about personal growth too.

4. Batgirl Vol 1.

Collecting the first 6 issues of the New 52 version of Batgirl, it didn’t really grab me. It felt to me like Barbara Gordon was full of self pity, and was trying to do superhero things when she wasn’t fully recovered yet… there was a lot of that. Not my favourite.

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I love this book, the setting was so dark in places, and it brought a whole new set of fairytale type things with it. I loved the main character, and zoomed through this book. I’ve picked up the second volume, and I can’t wait to get started on it [once I’m through with a few other books that is]

6. Morning Glories Vol 1.

This looked promising from all of the reviews I read, comparing it to Lost but with teenage characters. I found it jarring, too many things were introduced with no follow up… the characters were all flat and relied heavily on stereotypes – I don’t care what happens next. Which is unusual for me with a series.

7. Aquaman Vol 1.

After we got past the numerous references to Aquaman talking to fish and being lame on land, this really picked up. He’s a good guy, and he does a good job saving the world and stuff. Mera is a grumpy badass. She can stay!

8. Thief’s Magic

A really creative magical universe, although I found the switching between characters hard to deal with at first. Hopefully the two end up in the same place so we don’t have to deal with that anymore.

9. Fables Vol 3

I’m in love with this series, I can’t help myself. This volume brings some love and some heartbreak.

10. Ottoline Goes to School

Tiny book written by Chris Riddell, with stickers included in the back for all of the special talents. The extra bits to look out for whilst you’re reading add some extra fun, and really make you stop to look at the illustrations.

11. The Seafront Tea Rooms

I love books about cafes and such. This one is a gentle read, and the romance doesn’t feel forced, and the story is predominantly about the friendships forged between the three female characters.

12. The Kabul Beauty School

I’ve got real mixed feelings about this book. The subject matter reached me, a woman doing her best to help other women in a grief stricken and war torn country; but it just didn’t flow. The writing was disjointed, and often it took a while to work out why things came in a certain order.

13. Catwoman Vol 2

More feline shenannigans occur, and there’s a nice tie in with the Batman arc too. Some creepy villain action coming up.

14. Scott Pilgrim #1

Something about this book didn’t click with me. My favourite character was Stacey Pilgrim, and she’s only in the book for half a dozen panels. She seems like the voice of reason to me.

15. Project Black Sky: Secret Files

Alternate reality super hero antics. It was a curious read, with some cool art – not sure  that I could handle too much of the ‘is that, really?’ that the panels made me feel.

16. The Dark

Pretty picture book, and the little boy is very cute. At least he gets over his fear of the dark.

17. The Making Of

I didn’t really like this one, it was more than just the art style that didn’t work for me. It was pretentious, and that main character was an ass.

18. Fables Vol 4

The action is heating up in Fabletown, there is mystery and intrigue in this volume. And a lot of action and explosions and stuff. Ace.

19. Aquaman Vol 2

This is by far the prettiest book I have seen in a long time. I felt thrown in at the deep end with the team that was in this book, having no prior knowledge of Aquaman [or DC really]. It came together in the end. I can see myself reading more.

20. Black Widow Vol 1

Black Widow is trying to atone for her past, it’s nice to see her with a little heart. Although she is still cool as a cucumber and a badass.

So… that’s me all caught up for this month, I still have some books from last year that I want to talk about, and I might still do a bigger review of a couple of these books that I can’t help but go on about.

What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any recommendations?

– girlinthenerdshop

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2014: Year in Review

Howdy folks

In the traditional fashion, it’s time to look back on what happened last year.

These were the goals that set for myself at the beginning of the year:

1. Stop buying books until you get through the backlog

1a. Only buy a new book when you’ve finished reading one

1b. Read lots *sigh*

2. Be more crafty

3. Complete Lego Marvel Superheroes to 100%

4. Bake more

5. 365 Day Photo Challenge

I was very successful in my reading lots goal, I read 103 books… you can see that on goodreads. I read widely in the YA fiction and fantasy areas of books. I also started reading graphic novels for the first time in July. This really does boost the numbers, as you can get through those bad boys really quickly.

Be more crafty… this is a pretty vague goal. I did complete a few craft projects, I made a felt Lumpy Space Princess, I made stationery for a swap, I have made things with Hama beads. I know that I could have done more, and there were lots of things that I had planned, but I commited to too many swaps last year, so my time was spread too thinly across too many projects.

Lego Marvel? I didn’t complete this one. In my 6 month update I had managed about 33% of the game, and since then I didn’t really play it that much more. I think I got to about 40% and not much more. I think this one was just too big, and a lot of the races were in the sky, so I was really struggling to complete them. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to this game, it’s unlikely. I am in a reading phase at the moment … so it could be worse.

I wonder why I picked baking as a goal for the year. I baked less this year than I have done in previous years. I baked courgette cake, and I made cupcakes for Halloween – that is the extent of that culinary endevour. I miss baking… but I’m not going to stress out about it.

The last goal was the Photo-A-Day challenge, which I surprised myself by completing. I got rather behind in the last few months of the year in uploading them on a regular schedule, but we got there in the end. It’ll be really cool to be able to look back on those photos and the memories that they have.

So, those weren’t the only things I did last year. I achieved things outside of those goals. And I’m even going to tell you about them.

I really got my iggle on this year, I took part in a tonne of swaps this year, from Christmas in July to stickers an Advent Calendar swap. Through these swaps I have made so many new friends, people that I talk to everyday [as well as writing].

I also did a moderate amount of postcard sending through postcrossing, this is something that I’m going to continue, and hopefully do more of this year… I love to travel the world through the postcards I get. [I’m going to do a post with my stats for the year from postcrossing]

As I said above, I started reading grapic novels. I started a collection too, I have acquired a great number of trade paperbacks this year. At the rate the collection is growing I’m going to have to get some new shelves sorted out!

I got a Ranger to level 80 in Guild Wars 2. I started playing in Novemver, and now my main character is top level, with pretty good gear. I’m not a massively serious player [honestly, even though I levelled fast]. I enjoy this game for how pretty it is, I could just log on and run around the map. I aimed to complete an area at a time, which was incredibly satisfying. My favourite part so far has been the Wintersday event, which has had an extra set of daily mission to do in a snow filled wonderland.

We had a substanstial amount of work done at the house, we had to have the roof replaced after storm damage last winter. This took a long time, and having the workmen in the vicinity was quite draining. We also got some prep done for other rooms in the house, but no other major projects were completed. We have some plans to get the book room sorted out soon, and fingers crossed we might get something else done this year too [no promises!]

I can’t neglect the fact that we had a busy year in Acme either. It is quite a challenge to run your own business, but we made it through another year [looking over the numbers on New Year’s Eve was such treat!]

I’m sure there were some other things that I was going to mention here too, but I think I’ve talked for long enough now.

What are you proud of achieving this year?

– girlinthenerdshop


I Read: Landline by Rainbow Rowell


I took a break from YA novels, it makes an interesting change, there are adults around for starters! So… first thing about this novel, I didn’t love it as much as I loved Fangirl or Eleanor and Park. I found the protaganist harder to relate to, mostly because she was a grown up with a family… I can only just about cope with having 2 cats – so I can’t imagine what kids are like to live with. Although, thinking about it now it could have been the best friend (who always loved her? puh-lease!) that grated on my nerves a little bit.

That said, I found this book very easy to read, and there was no point that I thought about putting the book down. I loved that the phone called the past, and that Georgie had the Marty McFly Back to the Future fix to make. It was hard for her to decide whether she had to fix it so they did get together, or whether she was supposed to not make that happen so that her life would be completely different.

It was also very refreshing that the first thing she did when she thought she might have been talking to her husband in the past was think that she had gone bonkers. I know that’s what I would be doing if I was talking to my childhood sweetheart however many years in the past.

I couldn’t help like feel that Georgie thought she’d married the wrong guy, the present day marriage just didn’t seem to get as much page space as her job / best friend / kids / parents got. Not that I’d let her pick the best friend to be husband material.

Overall I did enjoy this book, it was a fun and very quick read. I’m quite looking forward to reading Attachments, which is the last book I have to read by Rainbow Rowell [currently that is]. It’s another non-YA choice! I am spoiling you aren’t I.

– girlinthenerdshop

I Read: Maze Runner Trilogy

My original plan was to review these books as I went along, I wanted to have a distinct post written on each of the 3 books… however, I got rather behind with blogging about things, and if I only post one book review a week I’ll have them written until January… so it’s time to clump things together so I don’t get behind. This is a catching up exercise!

There are just too many things I want to talk about!

maze runner

Yet another YA book trilogy is to be made into a film, so in real Claire tradition I wanted to read the whole series before I went to see the film. I was pleasantly surprised by this trilogy… I’ve read a tonne of young adult novels lately, and some of them feel so similar. This one had some elements that made it very similar… i.e. teenagers, and there being some big bad that they had to deal with. What made this series feel different for me was the not knowing what was really happening, as the kids in the maze didn’t really have any clue why they were there in the first place.

I can see why people have compared these books to The Hunger Games, there is an element of kids against the world. The reasons they are in the maze is different to the games though, which makes it work a little better for me.

The reveals in the first book are quite slow, so it was frustrating at times, but the lack of knowledge amongst the characters made me want to read further to find out what on earth was going on in the maze.

maze runner2

The second book in the trilogy has far more twists and turns. I found it very hard to work out which characters I was supposed to be rooting for, and who I was meant to hate. Like Brenda… I just could not trust that girl, then just as I was starting to accept her, she disappears. The paranoia is palpable.

WICKED broke the rules in this one, which was interesting, as they had let so many other subjects die in various ways, but because there was a variable they weren’t planning for… they interefered. Which is odd, surely that could have been useful data for them, but I guess it’s bad form to kill of your main character!

We still don’t really know what is going on, the vague memories and flashbacks we see don’t explain anything. We don’t know what the variables are, and how they will use the patterns once they have found them.

As soon as I picked this one up from the library, I had the next one reserved so that I could continue straight on.

maze runner3

This is the last installment in the trilogy, so I went into this hoping that some more things were tied up, so we could get some closure.

Throughout the book I still wasn’t sure if the trials were over or not yet, there were certain things that happened that made me think that they were still being tested – like the presence of beetle blades in WICKED HQ, or the fact that getting to the arms locker and helipad felt just too damn easy and  then conveniently went wrong at a key time to make Thomas make a decision about whether to leave someone behind. After thinking about it at the end of the book, I think all of these events take place outside of the trials… maybe.

It was noticeable that Theresa didn’t feature as heavily in this book after she had been such an important part of the books previously. This wasn’t too jarring for me, as I was seriously still cross with her after what she has done.

The ‘happily ever after’ ending felt a little bit of a cop out, but at least we know that there is hope now, even if Brenda lied to Thomas… that was rude. They’re all safe now, which is good. They don’t deserve more drama after all that they have been through.

I’ve seen the movie to this too… and I’m still mulling over the rage at the differences… we’ll just have to watch this space to see if there is a movie review post!

– girlinthenerdshop

I Read: Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park

Wow. Just wow.

Before I read this book, I’d been feeling fairly troubled by teenage angst on a tv show I’d been watching. The show Awkward… made me feel sick inside. This book though, it restored my faith in the Young Adult genre. This book was something else, the characters, the story  – they made me feel. And not the churning knot in my stomach that I’d been having lately, but an honest pull to the characters, I ached for them.

I just couldn’t put this book down, as soon as I started I felt like I couldn’t stop. I’m a book worm, so I get this a lot. But I would have read this book in one entire sitting if I had been able to do so.

The two main characters, Eleanor and Park, are misfits. Their innocence shines from the page, and it was something so pure. Being the different one in high school is hard, and this book lets you see that, but they are true to themselves, and they don’t try to change themselves to get away from the name calling and such.

It made me sad that the angry stepfather was a part of the book. I don’t like violence in books, sometimes it puts me off reading them entirely. I soldiered on, I got to the end. I had feelings all the damn way through – which is fairly unusual for me. I’m getting soppy in my old age.

I liked the ending, the postcard made me feel pretty hopeful for the future. I know that the contents of the card are not part of the book, but there are plenty of 3 word combinations that are a happy ending. I miss you. I love you. I’m coming back. See? Plenty of choices for a happy ending.

– girlinthenerdshop

I Read: A Taste of Chlorine

Lots of book posts to update you on, I’ve been devouring books like it was going out of fashion. I have fallen fast and hard in love with graphic novels, there’s just something about the pictures and the story linked together that makes the whole experience wonderful… anyways. Recently I read A Taste of Chlorine by Bastien Vives… this book is a delight.

A Taste Of Chlorine by Bastien Vives

A Taste Of Chlorine by Bastien Vives

Firstly, look at that cover. Yes, I was drawn to it because of the cover… I’m always drawn to books about swimming and water… and there aren’t that many novels about swimming [challenge accepted!]

This is a very elegant book, as it is just so simple in design, the text barely encroaches on the pictures. This really allows you to focus on the images in front of you. It made me feel like I was swimming, you could follow the momentum through the panels. It was really something – almost gave me the sense of weightlessness like being in the water.

The girl mouths something under the water, and we never find out what it is that she said. This plagued me for days after I finished reading the book. I tried copying the mouth movements to see if I could work out what it was, but I had no luck. I guess it will always remain a mystery.

A beautiful book, that I highly recommend getting your hands on.

– girlinthenerdshop

I Read: Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This book is the September novel pick for the IGGPPC book club, I got in on this book early, and I finished it really quickly. I found it difficult to put down for the most part, I just wanted to keep going and to find out what was going to happen.

I liked the the virtual reality setting in this book. The world is falling apart outside, but there is a place where people can escape that and live a life inside the software. The main character even goes to school inside the OASIS… the VR has been his world for all his life practically, as he was left to play there as a child whilst his mother was at work [at her job inside OASIS I might add.]

The contest is the main plot driver, and the obsession with the 80’s stems from that. It’s quite odd to have a book that is set in the future be so obsessed with the past, but it works for the majority of the story. At times I found this to be quite jarring, as there were tons of references to films I haven’t seen [sometimes heard of] as the 80s is not my decade. The book does still work even if you haven’t played every arcade and video game from that era obsessively, the things that you really need to know are explained enough… other things you could always go and research.

Wade really grows throughout the book, he develops friendships and begins to trust people which is something he has never done before. It’s an important part for him to do so, as the quest cannot be finished solo – and he is the first one to work that out. He does some serious self-sacrificing to help out his buddies, if it had backfired it would’ve turned out way worse!

Overall I loved that this story had so many nerdy references woven into the fabric of the book, even if most of them did go over my head. The whole book had me wanting to find out what was going to happen next the whole way through, I even found myself second guessing what could possibly happen next, or what that coin could possibly be!

Now… where is my virtual reality haven going to appear?


I Read: Alice in Zombieland

It’s been a while since I posted, I know. I’m back now, and my little book is full of notes on things I’ve read and played lately. So I’ll be working my way through the backlog of posts that I have to make.

So, on with the show.

Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland is written by Gena Showalter, who wrote the Lords of the Underworld series [or so Goodreads tells me!] This is her first foray into Young Adult fiction.

I always say that zombies aren’t something I’d normally pick to read about, the last one was book club reading. However… the possiblity of a link to Alice in Wonderland? How could I not check that out. The cover is beautiful, but I wasn’t expecting too much from this. I was hoping for a quick read, and that is what I found.

The link to Wonderland is only a superficial link. The title character is called Alice, she befriends a girl called Kat [Cheshire Cat], there is a boy who wears a lot of hats at the start of the book and is always angry [can I call Mad Hatter?].

The zombies in this setting are unusual to say the least. They are incorporeal, spirit zombies, so the good guys have to fight them in spirit form. The lore for this is pretty good, obviously we find out about these monsters in dribs and drabs as the story develops.

Cole is a typical bad guy, the kind of character that draws you back in. You know he’s set up as the bad choice that comes good in the end. He does do rather a lot of tortured guy stuff, but he comes out in the wash.

Surprise surprise it’s a trilogy.

I also read the second one!

Through the Zombie Glass

Through the Zombie Glass

We return to our characters shortly after the end of the previous book. They are all recovering after a show down and various other dramas. Cole is trying to stop Alice from being part of the team, as he can’t bear to see her hurt again… but she is a stubborn teenage girl and will always get her way in the end.

This time around there is a traitor in the ranks, Cole doesn’t want to tell the group that he suspects something is going on – doesn’t want to cause a ruckus. Alice spends the majority of the book struggling for her independance, she wants to be on her own two feet and included, without endangering her one remaining family member. It’s tough, but you can see where she is coming from.

A second ‘love interest’ is introduced. Quelle surpise! The visions are interpreted all wrong for the purposes of teenage angst. The appearance of Gavin makes Cole super cranky. Blah blah… the new guy seems all good. Maybe too good to be true, which is a problem for me. He is a nice flirty addition though, even if he is a bit over the top at times.

Alice really gains some depth in this book. She has a really huge inner battle to be fighting, literally – as there is some bad ass zombie stuff inside her that is trying to escape.

I think I preferred this book to the first, as the characters felt more three dimensional this time around, as we have known them for a little longer and seen the dynamics of the group play out.

The third book in this trilogy is coming out soon… I’m not sure I’ll be grabbing it on release day, but I’d like to be read the conclusion of this tale at some point. If only because the covers are really beautiful!

– girlinthenerdshop