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Day 20: Who Inspires Me

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

These people inspire me for lots of different reasons, for what they have achieved, or what they show me I can be.

1. Alex [sickening I know]

2. My Iggles

3. Rebecca Adlington

4. My Parents


Day 19: Short Term Goals

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

I’m classing short term as this year, so here goes.

1. My reading goal, 100 books.

2. Boardgame playthrough, List shared with my friend Gareth [currently more games added than played!]

3. Keep on top of Kitty allergies, they’re so happy again at the moment I don’t want to see that slip.

4. Get back to doing DuoLingo everyday.

5. Finish Pretty Little Liars

Day 18: TV Shows

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

So many shows! Currently I’m watching:

1. Pretty Little Liars

2. Bones

3. Elementary

4. The Flash

5. Death in Paradise

Day 17: Pet Peeves

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

Once I got started with this list, the ideas kept coming! Very satisfying list.

1. When people ask you questions during a movie that you’re all watching for the first time

2. When people guess the ending after a couple of minutes and are certain that they’re right.

3. People asking questions that they could easily Google.

4. When someone wipes the knife on the edge of the butter container and leaves crumbs behind.

5. How inefficient my local pharmacy is

6. When people get expressions wrong (the example in question is ‘Lover’s Quiff’. It’s not a thing, but in one day I heard 4 or 5 people say it.

7. People that judge you for liking a TV show or a movie, when they haven’t even seen it themselves.

Day 16: I Can’t Live Without

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

I can’t live without

1. Cats

2. Chocolate

3. Iggles

4. Hugs

5. My Bed

Day 15: On My Reading List

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

My To-Read pile is ever increasing, and I’m struggling to get a hold on it… However, books I’m planning to read next are:

1. Days of Blood and Starlight

2. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

3. Seconds

4. Fables Vol. 5

5. Throne of Glass

Day 14: My Favourite Boardgames

20 day challenge

My collection of board games is growing fast, there are just so many games coming out at the moment so it was really hard to pick!

1. Machi Koro & Harbour Expansion

2. Love Letter

3. Tokaido

4. Carcassonne // Carcasonne Winter Edition

5. Ladies and Gentlemen

6. Takenoko

7. Parade

8. Sushi Go

9. Gloom

10. Firefly

Day 13: My Super Powers

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

I’m going to interpret this in two ways… firstly as my ideal super power, and secondly my actual powers.

In an ideal world I would:

1. Have the power of Montage.

2. Be able to Fly

Currently my super powers are:

1. Remembering email addresses

2. Snail mail love

3. Cat herding

4. Stationery hoarding

Day 12: I’m Proud Of…

20 day challenge

Today is an interesting topic, it really made me think about the places I’ve been and things I have done.

1. I am proud of my business, and how hard we work.

2. I am proud that I finished my degree, it was a close call.

3. I am proud of my book collection, and the speed at which it grows.

4. I am proud of who I am [and that I said that, even though it was hard.]

Day 11: Favourite Geeky Items

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

1. My Funko Pop collection

2. The thing I like to call Book  Mountain

3. Deathly Hallows Dress from Hot Topic, I also have a necklace and a bracelet with the Deathly Hallowsdd