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Photo 365: Days 274 – 306

I’m pretty sure that some of these are not in the order that I took them. I can’t ever get them to stay in chronological order through the upload to the blog. Look at how cute the cats have been this last month! In the winter they like beds, and they like to snuggle. It’s adorable.

Photo 365: Days 244-261

I’m getting back on top of things, look at me go! After the last mega photo update post, I thought it would be best if we keep on top of it for this month [haha]. Here is the next selection of pictures.

IGGPPCamp Scavenger Hunt

This week is the first Online Summer Camp hosted by the IGGPPC. There are so many cool things happening over on the site that I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with my day to day stuff and the extra fun iggle-stuff. There are craft challenges, tutorials, webinars – the works. There is something there for everyone to enjoy.

The post is my contribution to the Solo Scavenger Hunt… so enjoy.