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Photo 365: Days 262 – 273

Yes, Lots of cats this time around. It can’t be helped! Lots of the pictures I took in the last couple of weeks were things at work and I didn’t like them enough to showcase them here. Not many of you are interested in pictures of paints lined up on the counter… exactly. So enjoy the ginger furriness.

Photo 365: Days 106-112

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Photo 365: Days 99-105

Photo 365: Day 92-98

Photo 365: Days 78-84

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Photo 365: Days 71-77

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Photo 365: Days 64-70

Photo 365: Days 57-63

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Another busy week has just flown by, some days these were the only pictures I took. Although, it made a nice change that on a few days I had a selection of photos to choose from.

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Photo 365: Days 50-56

A mostly good week this week, glad of some inside shots to keep me out of the gale force winds. Can’t help but fill up the days with cute cat pictures!!

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Photo 365: Days 43-49

End of the week was seriously hampered by the terrible weather, so I didn’t go outside for long enough to take any decent pictures. Hopefully this changes soon and I manage to get some more outside shots next week.

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