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Inside the Theme: Time Travel

The theme for December is Time travel, some real tough ones in there this month. You can see the original post, with the rest of the prefect answers here. My answers are below.

1) You’re a time traveller, what is your chosen vehicle or device that allows you to cross the continuum?

I would have an elaborate pocket watch as my time travel device, there is something magical about pocket watches – I’ve always wanted one.

2) What historical event would you choose to go back and witness in person?

I would go to 28th June 1838 to watch the coronation of Queen Victoria, I remember being fascinated by the whole of the Victorian era when I was in school, and my town is very proud of its Victorian heritage.

3) Do you, like The Doctor, take along a companion? Tell us why, and if applicable, who.

Normally when I go places I like to take a companion with me, but I think if I was travelling time I’d have too much other stuff to worry about, so I’d go solo, unless it was a time travel expedition for a birthday present for a friend or something.

4) If you could travel to any point in time, would you try to change anything or do you think that altering the course of history is even possible?

This is such a hard question, all I know is that your villagers in Animal Crossing get real mad if you disappear for 2 years and come back to town full of weeds.

5) What is your favourite book about time travel?

I really want to say HP: Prizoner of Azkaban for this, because Harry Potter – but I feel like that doesn’t count somehow. So my other pick for this is Outlander by Diane Gabaldon – have you seen Jamie Frazer in the show? Who wouldn’t want to get lost in that time period!

– girlinthenerdshop

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Getting To Know You Holiday Edition

So, it’s nearly Christmas… and to try and get myself more in the festive spirit, I thought I would fill out the questionnaire I found over at IGGPPC. Go over there to check out some of the other answers.

1. Favorite holiday movie? I think Home Alone is the quintessential Christmas movie for me, it’s on every year. And I’m a sucker for romantic comedies too, so you can’t go wrong with bit of Love Actually. [As a side note when all of the Harry Potter movies came out on DVD in December, I got them each year, so I consider them rather Christmassy too!]

2. What are 3 things on your wish list this year? The bag I’ve been using every day for 3 years is starting to wear out and the strap is slowly falling apart; so I’m dreaming of an identical replacement so I don’t get new bag stress [totally a thing]. I’m also hoping for some sort of fancy chocolate and some comics.

3. Does it snow where you live? It does snow on the coast, but it doesn’t normally last very long. I’m told it’s something to do with the salt in the air.

4. Which winter holiday do you celebrate? Christmas all the way.

5. Worst gift you’ve ever gotten? I couldn’t possibly comment on the internet as to what that was – but there have been some very bizarre picks over the years.

6. Biggest pet peeve about the holiday season? My biggest pet peeve is the people that go out in clothing inappropriate for cold weather, and then complain about how cold they are. That is not cool.

7. Favorite seasonal song? Can’t go wrong with a little Mariah Carey at this time of year.

8. Would you rather it be cold and cloudy, or be kind of warm out? I like it to be actually cold in the Winter, because that is what I’m used to. Either cloudy or rain is fine, but I hate it when it’s windy.

9. Hot chocolate or eggnog? Hot chocolate, especially the minty kind.

10. Favorite thing to wear during the holiday season? Last year I introduced a new family tradition of wearing silly knit hats. I wore a Christmas pudding. My mother doesn’t know it, but this year I got her a singing Christmas Tree. I cannot wait to see her in it!

11. Anybody you’re hoping to bump into under the mistletoe? There is a certain someone I’d like to meet there, and I’m sure he’d like to meet me there too.

12. Embarrassing holiday story? Every year since I moved into this house something has happened that has made it a story worth telling. Some are traditional stories, like the year I forgot to defrost the turkey, or the year that the weather destroyed my roof and it started raining inside the house.

13. Favorite holiday treat? Anything chocolate orange.

14. Latest you’ve stayed up on New Year’s Eve? Back in the days of yore when I was but a young woman in my prime I’d manage to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Lately, you’re lucky if I make it all the way to midnight. I’m not a massive fan of NYE.

15. Favorite holiday character? I have a thing for gingerbread men being printed on stuff this year… does that count?

16. What are you doing for the holidays this year? We’re having 2 Christmases this year. One with each set of parents. I am hosting for my parents and brother. Let’s keep all our fingers crossed that nothing worth noting happens.

17. Favorite pie flavor? erm… this isn’t a holiday tradition we do. So pass!

18. Your favorite holiday tradition growing up? I have always loved decorating for Christmas, we and my mum would get the boxes of decorations out and spend all day making the house sparkle. I decorate my tree in the same order to this very day.

19. White lights or colored lights? White lights

20. What tops your tree? A star

21. Candy canes – Yum or Yuck?  Yuck, I don’t like peppermint on it’s own.

22. Favorite gift ever received? When I was about 8 I got a Playmobil townhouse, my grandparents helped med build it and I played with it everyday for years. Even after I moved out of my parents place, the house stayed build until a couple of years ago. It’s now in a box in my house waiting until I have space to have it built again.

23. Favorite seasonal activity? I like spending time with people, and sharing treats with them. It’s nice to see the smile on their faces.

24. Favorite seasonal story? The Jolly Christmas Postman it was a favourite of mine since I was a tiny one.

25. Which of the “12 Days of Christmas” would you most like to receive?  I will take some ladies dancing if I can please. Ready made party.

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Inside the Theme: Dark Fairy Tales

This was the first edition of Inside the Theme that I took part in, I thought that as my blog has been fairly quiet lately, I should use things that I have already written to inspire me to get back into the swing of things. If you want to see the full post including all the other prefects answers… here is where that happens

  1. Your favourite dark fairy tale and why?

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and the Beast , has Belle kept captive like in the Disney version, however, the original beast proposes marriage every night and she constantly turns him down. She is allowed a reprieve and goes to visit her family – she finds out that the beast is dying from a broken heart and she goes back to him.

  1. If you were a member of the Sidhe (or part of the fairy folklore world) what kind of fae would you be?

I would be a water nymph, as I always feel more at home in the water. I could imagine making a nice lake my home.

  1. As a child, what was the spookiest part of October for you?

The scariest part of October was always the shortening of the days. By the end of the month it would be dark on the way home from school – I’ve always hated that about the winter – the cold and the dark.

  1. You are planning a feast for fairies, what do you serve?

I would serve a lot of sweet things, like berries, tiny morsels of cakes, a whole table full of different things.

  1. What artist best captures your image of what a dark fairy tale looks like?

The artwork from the video game Alice Madness Returns really captures what a dark fairy tale is for me. It’s so vibrant, yet you can see the dark and twisted undertones. If you haven’t played that game I can highly recommend it.

– girlinthenerdshop

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Inside the Theme: 90’s Edition

So, a little bit of an introduction here: Each month at IGGPPC there is a theme for the penpal pairing round, and they give questions for people to use as blog fodder. The prefects are joining in with the fun now, so if you want to see this blog post in context then you can go over here

On with the questions:

1. Tell us your favourite memory from the 90’s:

Toys! Beanie babies – I loved those things. I had hundreds of the damn things, from jellyfish to bears. And Polly Pocket, back in the day when the whole playset fit in your pocket not just the little figures.

2. What album best captures the spirit of the 90’s for you?

I think the Spice Girls album Spice covers it all, as a tiny human being – me and all of my friends wanted to be one of the Spices (I was always Posh Spice if you were wondering)

3. What is your favorite 90’s TV show?

During the 90’s I would have to say it was the cartoon Rugrats, there was something about those babies and all the mischief they got up to. I loved their adventures, and looked forward to them every day after school.

4. Summarize your experience of the 90’s in one sentence.

I was very short, and grumpy.


“Look how short my legs are!”


5. If you could be a fictional character from the 90’s who would you be and why?

I would be Clarissa. She always had all of the answers, and she had the best bedroom I have ever seen.

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Day 20: Who Inspires Me

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

These people inspire me for lots of different reasons, for what they have achieved, or what they show me I can be.

1. Alex [sickening I know]

2. My Iggles

3. Rebecca Adlington

4. My Parents


Day 19: Short Term Goals

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

I’m classing short term as this year, so here goes.

1. My reading goal, 100 books.

2. Boardgame playthrough, List shared with my friend Gareth [currently more games added than played!]

3. Keep on top of Kitty allergies, they’re so happy again at the moment I don’t want to see that slip.

4. Get back to doing DuoLingo everyday.

5. Finish Pretty Little Liars

Day 18: TV Shows

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

So many shows! Currently I’m watching:

1. Pretty Little Liars

2. Bones

3. Elementary

4. The Flash

5. Death in Paradise

Day 17: Pet Peeves

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

Once I got started with this list, the ideas kept coming! Very satisfying list.

1. When people ask you questions during a movie that you’re all watching for the first time

2. When people guess the ending after a couple of minutes and are certain that they’re right.

3. People asking questions that they could easily Google.

4. When someone wipes the knife on the edge of the butter container and leaves crumbs behind.

5. How inefficient my local pharmacy is

6. When people get expressions wrong (the example in question is ‘Lover’s Quiff’. It’s not a thing, but in one day I heard 4 or 5 people say it.

7. People that judge you for liking a TV show or a movie, when they haven’t even seen it themselves.

Day 16: I Can’t Live Without

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

I can’t live without

1. Cats

2. Chocolate

3. Iggles

4. Hugs

5. My Bed

Day 15: On My Reading List

20 day challenge

20 day challenge

My To-Read pile is ever increasing, and I’m struggling to get a hold on it… However, books I’m planning to read next are:

1. Days of Blood and Starlight

2. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

3. Seconds

4. Fables Vol. 5

5. Throne of Glass