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WMCQ Announcments

We had some news a couple of months ago that we had to keep secret until now, but Wizards of the Coast have made their official announcement for the World Magic Cup Qualifier dates and locations, so now I can talk about it!

Acme Games will be hosting a WMCQ in August, this is a pretty big deal for us, as it will be a big high profile event. We are hoping to top the numbers from last year to make this even bigger and more successful.

– girlinthenerdshop

Challenge 1 – Born of the Gods

Once every 3 months, a new set of cards is released for Magic. I spend these weekends sat at a desk running the software, and making sure the event runs smoothly. I have never played in a sealed event for Magic before, and today Alex dared me to try building a deck to play against him with.

Challenge accepted.

For this challenge, I had to build a deck to play with made from 6 booster packs. The hardest thing for me was deciding which colour to pick. The pre-release boxes contain 3 Theros boosters, 2 Born of the Gods boosters and a special colour weighted booster, also Born of the Gods flavoured. I picked a black box as there were several of these left over after our players had picked theirs.

First thing to do is crack open all of the boosters, and decide what colour to play. Even though my themed booster pack had a lot of black cards in, the rest of my boosters had a lot of really good red and green stuff in, including the red / green mythic rare card Xenagos, God of Revels. This helped sway my mind in that direction. It’s not the best way to pick a deck to play, but it worked for me. My card pool picked itself from that point… I did need a fair bit of advice with how to build a deck as I’ve never done it before, but after a few pointers I got on with it fairly easily.

My first game was quite a battle of attrition. I didn’t have enough mana to be able to play and big cards, but I had enough low cost monsters to keep chipping away at my opponent’s health.  The second game was far more impressive, I managed to get out some pretty hefty creatures and managed to do 14 damage in 1 turn by making one of my creatures super tough, this enabled me to win the second game.

Double strike - woop

Double strike – woop


Making angry pooch a little bigger and angrier


Normally at this point that would count as a match win for me, but being a friendly thing we decided to have one more game. This time my opponent had more combat tricks up his sleeve and he managed to keep sending cards back to my hand. This game was the only time I saw Xenagos, and I was hoping for great things, but there was nothing I could do.

Mythic Rare - the big bad.

Mythic Rare – the big bad.

Still my match went 2 wins and 1 loss… so in a best of three scenario, I’m counting that as a win overall.

There are some clever mechanics in this set that helped me quite a lot, Tribute: the other player has to make a tricky decision whether to make your card permanently bigger, or to let it attack the turn it comes into play [which cards normally can’t do]. Most times this ability came out Alex stalled and let me have a bigger creature so that he could have an extra turn to come up with something to combat it.

Tricky decision to be made now ...

Tricky decision to be made now …

Inspired is also new for this set, which allows creatures to get bigger at the start of every turn, so the longer you manage to keep these cards on the field the better it is for you.

Inspired - just keeps getting bigger!

Inspired – just keeps getting bigger!



I found the initial deck building part of this the hardest part of this challenge, having never played much magic before hand. When I got into the swing of the game, things got a little bit easier, and for the most part my deck chose what I needed to play next. I could probably be convinced to play this format again, I’m glad new sets don’t come out so often!

If there’s something you want to challenge me to, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see if I can make it happen.

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