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Photo 365: Days 307 – 365

This is the last update, the final slog! As you can tell, I really don’t like Winter, so the last month was mostly spent inside ignoring the weather and playing with the cats. I do like cats very much after all.

I’m so glad that I managed to finish this project, when I started I didn’t think that I would get through the first month, let alone the full 365 days.

Now, it’s time to pick a new challenge for this year!

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Photo 365: Days 274 – 306

I’m pretty sure that some of these are not in the order that I took them. I can’t ever get them to stay in chronological order through the upload to the blog. Look at how cute the cats have been this last month! In the winter they like beds, and they like to snuggle. It’s adorable.

Photo 365: Days 262 – 273

Yes, Lots of cats this time around. It can’t be helped! Lots of the pictures I took in the last couple of weeks were things at work and I didn’t like them enough to showcase them here. Not many of you are interested in pictures of paints lined up on the counter… exactly. So enjoy the ginger furriness.

Photo 365: Days 244-261

I’m getting back on top of things, look at me go! After the last mega photo update post, I thought it would be best if we keep on top of it for this month [haha]. Here is the next selection of pictures.

Photo 365: Days 146 – 243

I got incedibly behind with this task… and the longer I left it until I sorted it out, the harder it got. I think I left it so long because the amount of work it would take to get up to date with uploads actually scared me a little. Anyway, without further ado… here is a MASSIVE update for my 365 day photo challenge.

Photo 365: Days 127-145

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It’s time for a big photo update! I got fairly behind on getting my pictures uploaded onto my computer, so here is a mega catch up of the last 3 weeks. We had sun, and rain and CATS! Always cats.

Photo 365: Days 120-126

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Photo 365: Day 113-119

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Photo 365: Days 106-112

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Photo 365: Days 99-105