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My First Graze Box

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Graze box

Graze box


My first graze box arrived last week, after I’d forgotten that I’d signed up for it. It was full of all manner of delicious treats

Applewood Beef Jerky - graze.com

Applewood Beef Jerky – graze.com

Cheddar Gorge - graze.com

Cheddar Gorge – graze.com

Summer Berry Flapjack - graze.com

Summer Berry Flapjack – graze.com

Jam Doughnut - graze.com

Jam Doughnut – graze.com

That was the contents of my first box, I intended to take my own pictures of the tasty morsels, but I got stuck into the eating, and when you’re peckish, taking a picture is the last thing on your mind [all pictures are from the graze website].

I think my favourite of the four was the jerky, the chutney it came with was really fresh and set the beef off perfectly. It’s the only thing I would never have picked to try for myself, but I know Alex likes jerky, so as a worst case scenario it could’ve been donated to him. My original idea was to share each snack with him, but they are perfectly portioned for one person. The flapjack felt a little on the small side, that was the only one that was ‘disappointing’ even though it was still yummy.

I haven’t cancelled the box yet, there are a few more things on my ‘send soon’ list that I want to try before I stop the boxes and go back to making my own snacks.

This box made me feel a little guilty at times, especially because I’ve made snacks like this for myself in the past – but it’s so convenient to have it delivered to your door… and I just got the email saying my next box is being picked now and will be send out soon. How exciting.


Graze Box Pondering

116Today this arrived. I had completely forgotten that we got a free one with some random internet thing. It was a pretty cool surprise after the thunk of it hitting the floor.

There’s some exciting treats inside, including flapjack, jerky, and a couple of mixed snack things. I’ll do a post with pictures and thoughts after I’ve tried all the snacks. [Yes, I managed to not eat them all as soon as I saw it was here!]

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Prudence and the Crow Vintage Books

Seemingly March is turning into a serious book month, I’ve done a lot of reading curled up on the sofa in the evening, what’s not to love? I think the only thing better than choosing a new book, is getting a mystery book through the post. So this month, I tried out my first ever subscription box, Prudence and the Crow.

This box was the most exciting Friday parcel I’ve had. The box came beautifully packaged, and the address was hand written. From one glance you could tell exactly what this parcel was, and it was letter box sized so it fit through the door without the postman having to disturb me.

Beautifully wrapped

Beautifully wrapped

The entire box has a very vintage feel to it, wrapped in brown paper and the book was wrapped in brown paper too, and tied up with string and a hand written name label. The inside of the box lid has the most wonderful science-y feel to it, with the diagrams printed on the inside and on the wrapper of the box.

The box, inside the wrapping

The box, inside the wrapping

I was so excited when I saw all of the little extras in the box! There was a lovely selection of things to try out, from sweets to tea samples. I’m a recent convert to tea, so this pleased me greatly to have two new flavours to try. [I’m eating one of the sweets now!] Tucked in behind the book was the spotty cloth book cover and a postcard for a book series, it mentions fairy tales. It’s like they could read my mind when packing the box.

photo 2

Can I just say hand drawn star constellation right there…

There were even more little things packed into a pocket in the lid, as if the surprises would never end! Here we had the books plates, and some more branding, I think the Prudence and Crow tickets are adorable, and perfectly sized to be used a book mark or to slip into an envelope to send to someone else [which is what I plan to do with the small ones].

Trinkets inside the box

Trinkets inside the box

I nearly missed the handwritten note tucked inside the book telling me about the choice. The book picked for me was an alternate cover for the American edition of the book, and it was written in green ink, [I can’t remember if I said that was my favourite colour or not, but it was a nice touch].

Book, cover and note

Book, cover and note

The subscription structure is really flexible, allowing you to sign up for one month or up to a year. Not many boxes let you try a one off, they want you to commit for a bit longer, which is what normally makes me not sign up. Being able to try it for one month was an excellent thing for me, as I now know that I liked the box, and signing up for longer isn’t so daunting. I chose a sci-fi book for my first box, as I’m reading a lot of sci-fi and fantasy at the moment, I think I would change this for future boxes, or maybe sign up for random selections since the arrival of the millions of sci-fi paperbacks on World Book Day from the in-laws.

The communication with the ladies behind this box is good too. I managed to get my own address wrong, and they sorted that out really quickly and easily so that it didn’t get lost in transit.

So, I say go ahead and subscribe it. It was a real delight to open!