Cygnar Solo Journeyman Lt. Allister Caine (PIP 92043)

Cygnar Solo Journeyman Lt. Allister Caine (PIP 92043)

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Allister Caine was never an ordinary journeyman, for he had already earned both infamy and fame as a gunmage. As deadly with his pistols as he was stubborn and difficult to train, young Allister Caine chafed under instruction both as a youthful prodigy of the Arcane Tempest and while learning what was required of a Cygnaran warcaster at the Strategic Academy. He was never respectful to the warcasters he was assigned to follow, prone to sneaking off to follow his own instincts. Yet when battle began, he quickly proved his worth, wielding a magelock in each hand.


-1 Journeyman Lt. Allister Caine

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