Cryx Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer (2) (PIP 34071)

Cryx Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer (2) (PIP 34071)

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Rune-bound captains lead the blasphemous bane thralls onto the battlefield to slaughter for their own vicious pleasure. Only the most hateful and malevolent of spirits are chosen to lead the banes into battle. Pulled from eternal torment in the abyss of Urcaen they remember little of their former lives, but what memories they retain grant them a consuming hatred for all life. The night-shrouded legions follow their officers in near silence, obscured by the darkness that clings to them. Out of this nightmarish shadow they raise ancient standards, mockeries of the kingdoms and causes they once fought for as mortal men.


- 1 Bane Warrior Officer 

-1 Bane Warrior Standard Bearer

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