Cygnar Battlegroup Starter Box (4) (PIP 31121)

Cygnar Battlegroup Starter Box (4) (PIP 31121)

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Armed with the most advanced mechanika in the Iron Kingdoms, the warjacks and warcasters of Cygnar provide commanders with the perfect balance of mobility, strength, and stopping power. Take command of the noble forces of Cygnar with this fully loaded battlegroup box!


-1 Warcaster Major Beth Maddox

-1 Firefly Light Warjack

-1 Lancer Light Warjack

-1 Ironclad Heavy Warjack

-Basic Training Tutorial Guide

-Battle Map

-Introductory Guide

-WARMACHINE: Prime Rules Digest

-18” Ruler

-4 Six-sided Dice

-10 Focus Tokens

-3 Spell Token

-Obstacle Card

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