Know No Fear

Know No Fear

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- Contains 31 Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard miniatures,

- in blue and green plastic

Primaris Space Marines

  • 1x Primaris Space Marine Captain
  • 5-man Primaris Space Marine Intercessor Squad
  • 1x 3-man Primaris Space Marine Inceptor Squad
  • 1x 5-man Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster Squad

Death Guard

  • 1x Death Guard Lord of Contagion
  • 1x Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone
  • 10x Death Guard Poxwalkers 

Gaming Content

- includes a 96-page book
- a ‘start playing’ guide 
- a set of core rules 
- datasheets for every miniature
- a 43" x 22" double-sided gaming mat 
- a scenery piece - the inside tray of the box is designed to look like a sealed Imperial bunker
- 6x 6-sided dice, and a 12” translucent measuring ruler
- a decal sheet for your Ultramarines
- 15x 32mm, 10x 25mm, 4x 40mm, 1x 50mm and 1x 60mm round plastic bases for your miniatures to stand upon, with 3x 45mm plastic flying stems for the Inceptor Squad.

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