Loyalty Cards

Our loyalty cards (shown below) are intended as a way to reward visitors to the shop for their continued custom.

With the loyalty card, you get one stamp for every £10 you spend in the shop. Once you have collected 10 stamps, you can use the card to get a 10% discount on a purchase, and also enter our monthly prize draw for the chance to win up to £20 in store credit.

Gaming Sessions Entry Fee

Most of our regular gaming sessions cost £2.50 entry (or £1.50 for under 16s). You may instead use the stamps to gain free entry to the sessions, each stamp granting free addmission to one session (or 2 sessions for under 16s). In the case of bigger events with an entry charge of over £2.50 multiple stamps can be used, offsetting £2.50 for each stamp used.

You can also pay 4 stamps for unlimited gaming sessions for a month, we have a few gamers who have several years free gaming this way!

Please note that each card may be used for free entry to gaming sessions, a 10% discount, and the monthly discount, it does all three!