Mercenary Cephalyx Cognifex Cyphon Warcaster (PIP 41126)

Mercenary Cephalyx Cognifex Cyphon Warcaster (PIP 41126)

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Cyphon is the premier cognifex of the Thornwood cephalyx hive, devoted to the systematic dismantling of intractable minds. Risen from the chthonic tunnels beneath the forest, Cyphon floats silently through the trees, a telepathic predator seeking its quarry. Subjects forced to endure Cyphon’s art are reduced to hollow-eyed shells, their minds destroyed by unrelenting waves of suffering. Cognifexes typically operate within the cloistered and antiseptic cells of a cephalyx hive, but Cyphon’s work does not afford him such luxury. Commanding a force of drudges and monstrosities, Cyphon sweeps through the ranks of potential subjects, constantly probing for anyone who might hold secrets useful either to his hive or to his own work.


- Cognifex Cyphon Warcaster

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