Mercenary Rover or Nomad or Mule Heavy Warjack (1) (PIP 41085)

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Mercenary warjacks are often drawn from discontinued chassis once produced by kingdom armies. The Mule, a former Cygnaran warjack, wields a massive battle mace and an innovative steam-powered cannon packing enough explosive punch to scatter enemies like leaves. The Nomad, once a Cygnaran mainstay, has been battering enemy ’jacks with its battle blade for 150 years. The Rover was built specifically for mercenary use, and its battleaxe and shield-mounted cannon have turned the tide of many a battle. Mercenaries maintain these battle-tested machines and find them fully capable of standing toe-to-toe against any fresh from the assembly line.


-1 Rover OR Nomad OR Mule Heavy Warjack

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